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Editor’s Note: The expansion of HaystackID’s MEDAL suite represents a significant leap forward for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. The suite’s innovative tools are designed to meet the escalating complexity and sheer volume of mobile data involved in legal proceedings. MEDAL Vanguard™ and MEDAL Relay™ are particularly transformative, promising to considerably accelerate the assessment and integration phases of mobile data handling. This suite not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a higher level of precision in evidence collection and analysis, marking a substantial development for professionals seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In tandem with HaystackID’s pioneering MEDAL suite, ModeOne’s recently announced Relativity Integration Application presents another leap forward in the eDiscovery domain by enabling the precise, remote collection of mobile device data, directly feeding into Relativity workspaces. This precision in data collection, a standout feature, aligns with the MEDAL suite’s ethos—avoiding data overcollection and protecting custodian privacy. ModeOne’s application dovetails with MEDAL’s capabilities, enhancing the suite’s efficiency and significantly reducing the resources typically required for data collection. This strategic integration is a testament to ModeOne’s commitment to innovation, complementing HaystackID’s mission to streamline eDiscovery processes and offering a comprehensive set of tools for investigation and litigation professionals.

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HaystackID Unveils MEDAL Suite, Elevating Mobile eDiscovery Workflows

ComplexDiscovery Staff

HaystackID, a premier eDiscovery services firm, has today announced an expanded suite of offerings within its Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL), advancing mobile workflows in legal investigations and litigations. The launch features six innovative services, including the notable MEDAL Vanguard™ and MEDAL Relay™, set to reshape the management of mobile data in legal scenarios.

The MEDAL initiative, first introduced in early 2023, is now enhanced with a full spectrum of services tailored to address the growing complexity and volume of mobile business data. The suite aims to accelerate the data handling process, reducing initial assessments from hours to mere minutes and shrinking the time-to-review from days to hours.

John Wilson, Chief Information Security Officer and President of Forensics at HaystackID, emphasized the velocity at which mobile devices generate data, making the MEDAL suite a necessary innovation in the eDiscovery field. The suite offers rapid, remote triage, targeted extraction, and efficient review capabilities, providing legal professionals with greater visibility and insights in complex mobile-centric cases.

MEDAL Vanguard acts as a pivotal initial remote touchpoint, facilitating a swift evaluation of potential digital evidence. MEDAL Precision™ follows, offering targeted remote data extraction with precision. The forthcoming MEDAL Relay will revolutionize data review by enabling the direct and remote uploading of mobile device data into Relativity databases, optimizing the collection-to-review workflow.

MEDAL Reach™ allows comprehensive logical extractions of mobile devices remotely, MEDAL Recon™ provides in-depth analyses of device interactions and histories, and MEDAL Clear™ enables access to locked devices, revealing critical information that would otherwise be inaccessible.

HaystackID’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to streamline and simplify mobile discovery, providing specialized support at every stage of the investigation and review process. CEO Hal Brooks highlighted HaystackID’s unique insight into the mobile data challenges from years of supporting complex investigations, emphasizing the suite’s role in facilitating faster and more effective legal inquiries.

Currently, five MEDAL services are available — Vanguard, Precision, Reach, Recon, and Clear — with Relay expected to launch in Q1. HaystackID continues to be a trusted name in the eDiscovery sector, offering a broad spectrum of advisory, intelligence, and managed review services. It is recognized for its commitment to security, privacy, and integrity.

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