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Content Assessment: KLDiscovery To Expand Managed Review Capabilities with Cenza Technologies Acquisition



A short assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by KLDiscovery of its agreement to acquire India-based Cenza Technologies.

Editor’s Note:  The acquisition of Cenza Technologies by KLDiscovery highlights the growing global demand for eDiscovery and information governance services. As data volumes continue to explode worldwide, multinational corporations increasingly need vendors that can provide secure, scalable solutions across jurisdictions. This acquisition allows KLDiscovery to expand its managed review capabilities to India, giving it a talent pool of professionals well-versed in contract and data analysis. Establishing a delivery center in India also enables 24/7 operations at reduced costs, strengthening KLDiscovery’s ability to serve clients around the clock. The combined company will be able to provide consulting, implementation, AI review, and ongoing hosting for contract management processes. As information governance, privacy, and cybersecurity needs grow globally, service providers need worldwide reach and capabilities. This acquisition positions KLDiscovery to meet rapidly evolving demands through an established Indian workforce trained in its best practices. It’s a strategic move to boost KLDiscovery’s global delivery capacity and scalability.

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KLDiscovery To Expand Managed Review Capabilities with Cenza Technologies Acquisition

ComplexDiscovery Staff

KLDiscovery Inc. announced on Friday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Cenza Technologies Private Limited, an India-based alternative legal services provider. The acquisition provides KLDiscovery with an established global delivery center in India, enabling the company to strengthen its managed document review services and expand its contract lifecycle management offerings.

Cenza has over 15 years of experience providing managed legal services, including document review, contract management, and legal AI solutions. The company serves clients in the US and UK from India in a scalable, cost-effective manner. Cenza is highly regarded in the legal industry, having been ranked by Chambers and Partners as a leading global alternative legal services and legal tech consulting provider.

According to KLDiscovery CEO Christopher Weiler, “They have built an incredible company with a sterling reputation and a corporate culture that fits hand-in-glove with our own. Expanding our global presence into India has been a priority for us, and Cenza was the right partner to lead those efforts.”

The acquisition will allow KLDiscovery to offer 24/7 managed review services by leveraging Cenza’s expertise and Indian workforce. It also boosts KLDiscovery’s end-to-end platform with the addition of Cenza’s contract lifecycle management solutions.

Cenza CEO Aditya Mirza expressed excitement about joining KLDiscovery and confidence that the combined companies will open up new growth opportunities. According to Mirza, “There is no other organization better equipped than KLD to globally scale our integrated solutions and deep bench of talent.”

The acquisition is expected to close in October 2023 after meeting closing conditions. It represents a strategic move by KLDiscovery to expand its global footprint and meet the growing data management and compliance needs of multinational corporations.

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