Content Assessment: With Paredes at Helm, HaystackID Primed to Extend Leadership in AI-Enhanced Review



A short assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by HaystackID of the hiring of industry veteran Andy Paredes to lead its global managed review operations.

Editor’s Note: As legal discovery grows more complex, provider experience and leadership become increasingly vital. That’s why HaystackID’s hiring of industry veteran Andy Paredes as Vice President of Managed Review Services is an important announcement for eDiscovery professionals.

With over 20 years steering legal departments, law firms, and review providers through thorny eDiscovery challenges, Paredes offers the real-world expertise today’s landscape demands. His insights on innovation, success factors, and more demonstrate the value of seasoned leadership.

This announcement also highlights the strategic importance of managed review capabilities as data volumes surge. HaystackID’s over 4 million review hours completed, and the addition of Paredes signals their strengthened position as a leader.

For law firms and legal departments seeking guidance on complex discovery, news of authorities like HaystackID augmenting their seasoned bench should provide reassurance. Appointments like this reinforce that legal teams have partners equipped with both human experience and technical firepower to meet today’s demands.

Media Announcement

Industry Leader Andy Paredes to Head HaystackID’s Powerhouse Global Managed Review Operation

Shared with permission from HaystackID Staff

As legal teams grapple with ever-expanding data volumes and document reviews of mounting complexity, seasoned provider leadership has become mission-critical. Enter legal discovery luminary Andy Paredes, just secured by HaystackID as Vice President of Managed Review Services – affirming its standing as a foremost industry eDiscovery managed review authority.

With over 20 years across law firms, corporate legal, and managed review providers, Paredes brings invaluable experience to guide HaystackID and its clients through today’s challenging eDiscovery landscape. He most recently led review services for a top global provider.  Paredes led that team from its inception, helping to turn a new company service offering into one of the world’s largest providers of managed document review.

Now at HaystackID, Paredes leads a world-class managed review operation powered by the company’s proprietary ReviewRight® platform. With over 4 million review hours completed, 150 million documents managed, and proven expertise across 107 industries, HaystackID has unrivaled capabilities powered by leading technology.

“Andy has built and led high-performing teams at the biggest eDiscovery providers,” said Matt Daimler, HaystackID Global Managed Review General Manager. “His experience will be instrumental as we continue advancing our AI-enhanced ReviewRight managed review solutions.”

Seasoned Expert Who Has Directed Hundreds of Major Reviews

Over his career, Paredes has led hundreds of major document reviews across industries and case types. He’s honed strategies for optimizing workflows, strengthening quality control, streamlining staffing, and more.

“I’ve guided clients on reviews involving everything from IP cases to regulatory probes to liability lawsuits,” he explained. “That experience managing large, complex projects is something I look forward to bringing to HaystackID.”

He’s assembled cohesive teams that consistently deliver excellence, regardless of location. Paredes takes a collaborative approach focused on crafting the most efficient, cost-effective solutions based on client needs.

“Too often there’s pressure to implement cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approaches,” he noted. “I listen first, then develop innovative, tailored solutions for the matter and client.”

Drawn by Reputation, Culture, and Commitment to Teams

Paredes was attracted to HaystackID not only to reconnect with esteemed colleagues like Daimler but also by its industry reputation.

“HaystackID’s reputation for high-caliber work, culture, and commitment to client success resonated with me,” he said. “Their focus on enabling reviewers and teams is compelling.”

He believes that commitment to supporting and incentivizing review teams sets HaystackID apart.

“In some providers, there’s a defeatist mindset toward reviewers with insufficient focus on the human element,” he commented. “But HaystackID recognizes their critical value and invests in their growth like no one else.”

Poised to Drive Innovation as Data Volumes Surge

Paredes also cited HaystackID’s expertise with the latest discovery technologies as an advantage, with data volumes growing exponentially. He sees continued AI and analytics innovation as essential to taming this surge.

“The tools keep advancing for reducing manual review,” he said. “But developing professionals at all levels to properly leverage those tools is equally key.”

With his extensive experience and cutting-edge technical arsenal, Paredes is ideally positioned to lead managed review innovation. By matching Paredes’ seasoned leadership with its robust ReviewRight platform, HaystackID has firmly established itself as a leader.

Veteran’s Insights: Focus on Predictability and Communication

When asked what success means for managed review clients, Paredes emphasized predictability and avoiding surprises:

“It’s about setting clear expectations early and anticipating challenges before they become problems,” he explained. “Proactive communication is vital.”

He also noted that listening to deeply understand client needs and then collaboratively developing tailored solutions is critical. While new technologies bring efficiency, he warns against imposing “one-size-fits-all” approaches without input.

By matching Paredes’ veteran expertise with its technical strength, HaystackID is positioned as a trusted advisor on complex data challenges. As volumes grow, legal teams need partners with human experience and technological capabilities.

“At HaystackID, I’m excited to leverage my background and their platform to craft innovative solutions that drive client value,” concluded Paredes.

In hiring one of the industry’s most seasoned experts to lead managed review, HaystackID has further solidified its position as a foremost authority. For legal teams navigating today’s complex discovery landscape, it’s an ideal combination.

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