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Content Assessment: Leveraging Generative AI for Efficient Legal Workflows: Introducing EverlawAI Assistant

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by Everlaw of its new offering to help legal teams improve workflows and writing with the integration of generative AI features.

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Background Note: As legal teams face increasing complexities in managing and reviewing documents, technological innovation is paving the way for a more efficient future. Everlaw, a reputable name in the field of cloud-native investigation and litigation, introduces its latest game-changer – the EverlawAI Assistant. This tool harnesses the potential of generative AI to offer significant time-saving advantages and streamline legal workflows. It aids in accelerating document review, assembling narratives, and even providing writing assistance. Built on Everlaw’s secure platform, it promises enhanced productivity in the vast legal services market. The application of AI in such a transformative manner has positive implications for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals as it provides a more robust, reliable, and efficient system to manage legal data.

Announcement Overview

Leveraging Generative AI for Efficient Legal Workflows: Introducing EverlawAI Assistant

ComplexDiscovery Staff

In a significant step towards streamlining legal workflows, Everlaw has announced its EverlawAI portfolio. The portfolio includes the newly released generative AI features available in a beta program, designed to provide legal teams with an instant boost in text-based work and overall productivity.

The requirement of litigation to summarize complex documents and thread facts from myriad sources is a well-established burden. Legal teams often spend over 20 hours per month drafting motions or briefs, making the process one of the most time-consuming tasks in the field. EverlawAI Assistant addresses this issue by speeding up the process of creating written materials and summarizing complex documents, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the legal services sector.

The AI insights offered by EverlawAI Assistant are not merely confined to drafting. The platform integrates these insights throughout the EverlawAI workflows, from document review to narrative building. The platform offers AI review assistance using generative AI to provide quicker document insights. For long and complex documents, EverlawAI Assistant discovers key information, summarizes, extracts key players, and explores topics of interest.

Legal teams can engage with the platform by asking any question during document review and receive an on-demand response, allowing them to explore areas of interest without the time commitment of thoroughly reading a long and complex document. AI writing assistance is also available for building evidence-based texts in Everlaw Storybuilder once a review is completed. Legal teams can generate a first draft from key evidence, which includes supporting citations.

Everlaw has implemented safeguards to ensure the responsible use of generative AI. The generative-AI-created output is easily identifiable and designed for legal experts to verify and cross-check for correctness. Supporting sources are cited alongside generated answers to aid verification.

The EverlawAI portfolio includes additional features such as award-winning Clustering, which uncovers hidden patterns in large corpuses of documents, and Predictive Coding to quickly identify hot documents with AI. With the incorporation of generative AI, Everlaw continues to innovate and enhance productivity within the legal field, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with AI technology.

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