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Content Assessment: LLM Shields Up?'s Breakthrough Solution for AI-Induced Data Leak Protection

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by Patented.AI of both pre-seed funding and the release of LLM Shield, a tool to protect sensitive data and intellectual property from large language models.

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Background Note:, a leading intellectual property software company, has announced that it has secured $4 million in pre-seed funding. Alongside this funding, the company has released the personal version of LLM Shield, a tool designed to protect against AI-induced data leaks. LLM Shield allows individuals and companies to filter data before it goes into large language models (LLMs), ensuring the protection of sensitive information such as personal identifying information and trade secrets. The funding round was led by notable investors, including Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures and Nicole Stata of Boston Seed Capital. The personal version of LLM Shield is now available for free for up to three devices.

The announcement is important for cybersecurity professionals, as it addresses the risks posed by AI-induced data leaks. With the rapid adoption of large language models, it is crucial to have accessible solutions to mitigate these risks. LLM Shield provides a proactive approach to filtering data and prevents the inadvertent sharing of sensitive information with LLMs. This tool enhances data privacy and loss prevention in the era of AI. Information governance professionals can benefit from LLM Shield as it helps in protecting sensitive data and trade secrets, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. By using this tool, organizations can leverage the power of AI while minimizing the risk of catastrophic data leaks. It provides a comprehensive protection and risk mitigation solution, allowing companies to harness transformative AI tools securely. For legal discovery professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem, the release of LLM Shield is significant. It enables individuals, companies, and governments to protect their intellectual property and confidential information during legal discovery processes. By implementing LLM Shield, these professionals can safeguard sensitive data and prevent its unintended disclosure, ensuring a higher level of confidentiality and compliance.

Press Announcement Secures $4M in Pre-Seed Funding and Announces the Release of LLM Shield

Fueling the fight for AI data privacy, leaps forward with funding, releasing LLM Shield, and expanding its accessible protection against AI-induced data leaks., the world’s first intellectual property software built from the ground up on AI-first principles, today (June 27, 2023) announces it has secured $4M in pre-seed funding. Alongside this exciting development, the company unveils the personal version of LLM Shield, now free for up to three devices, marking a significant stride in AI data privacy and loss prevention.’s pre-seed funding round was led by Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures, Nicole Stata of Boston Seed Capital, Jeff Fagnan of Accomplice, Naval Ravikant and Cooley LLP.

Leverage AI Technology Safely and Securely with LLM Shield

In the era of rapid adoption of large-language models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it’s paramount to understand the risks they pose and make easily accessible solutions available to mitigate AI’s ever-present data leak danger. LLM Shield provides an essential tool to help individuals and companies protect against inadvertently sharing personal identifying information, trade secrets and all other sensitive data with virtually all LLMs. A proactive approach to filtering data before it goes into LLMs allows individuals, companies and governments to leverage the transformative power of AI, without risking a catastrophic leak.‘s new injection of funds will allow it to continue improving LLM Shield’s capabilities for the enterprise, disseminate resources to prevent AI data loss and continue developing AI-powered software to protect IP.

“AI is revolutionizing productivity across industries, but there’s a silent crisis quietly threatening its potential. Data privacy and confidentiality are hanging by a thread,” says Founder Wayne Chang. “Major corporations such as Samsung and Amazon have already experienced the consequences of data leaks and have since banned the internal use of third-party LLMs. However, banning is a temporary and restrictive measure that hampers growth and prevents companies from harnessing transformative AI tools that can supercharge productivity. The real solution lies in comprehensive protection and risk mitigation.”

Personal Edition Now Free 

Building on its inaugural launch, the LLM Shield personal version now offers free on-device sensitive data checks and protection for individuals across all industries. Users will benefit from the same multi-layered security features of the enterprise version, shielding sensitive information from large language models. 

“Having collaborated with Wayne Chang on the remarkable success of Crashlytics, I am confident in his ability to lead another groundbreaking venture with,” said Steve Anderson, Founder of Baseline Ventures. “It’s thrilling to once again back Wayne’s visionary approach to another very large market.” In addition to Anderson, the funding round also includes participation from angel investors across industries such as Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, Sean Edgett, General Counsel at Twitter, Ali Rowghani, Managing Director at Y Combinator and more. The variety of angel investors further cements both LLM Shield and’s potential to have a major impact in every sector. 

“In my 20 year career in tech, I’ve never seen large enterprises adopt a new technology as quickly as they are now doing with AI,” said Ali Rowghani, Managing Director at Y Combinator. “But implementing AI carelessly in the enterprise can have cataclysmic consequences. We’ve already seen employees paste source code and other trade secrets into AI products. I’m excited to back because their products protect the IP of companies that want to use large language models to improve their products.  Their LLM Shield product detects when AI is being used and ensures the data sent is not sensitive to the company. Making AI safe to use for large IP holders is a huge business opportunity.”

“We are excited to be representing in its mission of safeguarding data, preserving confidentiality and protecting IP,” said Peter Werner, Cooley LLP.

As part of‘s ongoing mission to set the industry standard for IP protection, these new developments signify a giant leap in its efforts to safeguard precious information in a digital world. Looking towards the future, is focused on maintaining the momentum gained from its pre-seed funding with the launch of LLM Shield. The company continues its journey to safeguard IP and revolutionize its protection in the ever-evolving digital landscape with plans to tease future software offerings, each designed with a commitment to AI data privacy and prevention of data loss. Details of these exciting advancements will be shared as they continue to unfold.

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About is a leading-edge intellectual property engine committed to safeguarding IP and revolutionizing the approach to its protection. Founded by serial entrepreneur Wayne Chang, encapsulates Chang’s dedication to empowering innovators and businesses amidst a rapidly progressing digital landscape. The company’s premier product, LLM Shield, marks a significant step in their mission to redefine the industry standard for IP protection. By reducing the time, investment, and obstacles linked with preserving invaluable ideas and hard work, envisions a world where intellectual property is secure, fostering an environment in which innovators can confidently contribute to the greater good, today and into the future.

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