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United Lex Acquires Paul Hastings Data Analytics Team

An extract from an article by Simon Lock ( The American Lawyer)

Legal services provider UnitedLex has acquired Paul Hastings’ data analytics team, in what the firm has described as a “first-of-its-kind” deal.

The acquisition will see the data science, analytics, and investigations (DSAI) team join UnitedLex, with the team continuing to work with Paul Hastings on advisory matters as a third-party provider. The relationship will not be exclusive, according to a spokesperson: The team is set to work with other law firms, too.

As part of the agreement, UnitedLex will invest in the technological offering of the team, and help it expand into further legal sectors, including litigation, contracting and investigations.

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End of an Era as Paul Hastings Data Team Shipped Out to UnitedLex

An extract from an article from the Artificial Lawyer

Legal services business (LSB) UnitedLex has acquired the Data Science, Analysis & Investigations (DSAI) team from another LSB, Paul Hastings, in what is an unusual offloading of a team the firm spent six years building. The total team is understood to be about 25 people, primarily with a focus on eDiscovery.

Under the acquisition – (the amount paid – in fact if any cash changed hands at all – is unknown at present) – Paul Hastings will still work closely with fellow LSB UnitedLex – they just won’t own the team or have to pay the staff’s salaries; that will now be UnitedLex’s responsibility, which can leverage the talent and tech tools they’ve developed for their own clients.

The deal seems to mark the end of an era – at least for Paul Hastings – as it moves out a group that the firm had spent six years helping to build under the DSAI team leadership of Tom Barnett.

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United Lex Acquires Paul Hastings Data Science Group

An extract from an article by Stephanie Russell-Kraft (Bloomberg Law)

UnitedLex has acquired a 20-person Paul Hastings data science team led by lawyer Tom Barnett as part of a new partnership between the law firm and the technology and legal services provider.

The Paul Hastings’ data science, analysis, and investigations team will move to UnitedLex, where it will continue to develop legal services technology that will be used by Paul Hastings lawyers.

Barnett, a special counsel at Paul Hastings who founded the team six years ago, will become senior vice president and divisional general counsel at UnitedLex.

As part of the deal, UnitedLex will also acquire the IP assets, including code and artificial intelligence programming, that have been developed by the data science team.

“Paul Hastings will now be using UnitedLex tools and staff to help us in the service of our clients,” said Greg Nitzkowski, managing partner at Paul Hastings.

Paul Hastings will also act as an incubator for new data science tools.

The deal is the most recent example of collaborations between alternative legal service providers and law firms. This is happening as firms work to streamline and automate certain legal services, often through the use of AI, in response to cost-savings demands from clients.

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