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Content Assessment: X-Road 7.3.0 Unpacked: Examining the Central Server Transformation and Introduction of a REST API

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the article highlighting the beta availability and pending full release of X-Road version 7.3.0, as highlighted by the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS).

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Background Note: The Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) is an organization founded by Estonia and Finland with the goal of developing e-governance solutions, including the X-Road data exchange layer. X-Road is a free and open-source data exchange layer solution that enables secure internet-based data exchange between information systems. Recently NIIS highlighted X-Road 7.3.0, a transformational release of a proven product.

The release of X-Road 7.3.0 is a significant milestone for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery as the new UI and management REST API signifies an advancement in data management and security, offering automated processes, simplified administrative tasks, and enhanced security. For information governance professionals, 7.3.0 updates should provide more efficient data administration and easier onboarding for new users. eDiscovery professionals may benefit from the improved system and REST API, potentially facilitating the identification, collection, and provision of electronic information for legal evidence. Additionally, the architectural changes impacting log files, directories, software packages, and services will likely necessitate new approaches to data auditing and forensic analysis. Also, the additional emphasis on security upgrades, like backup file encryption and integrity verification, demonstrates a commitment to secure and reliable data preservation, a key focus for these professionals.

Product Update Summary*

X-Road® 7.3.0: A Significant Upgrade to Central Server with a New UI and Management REST API

Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions

X-Road 7.3.0 introduces a total revamp of the Central Server’s User Interface (UI) and a management REST API for better usability, efficiency, and automation of regular tasks. The update streamlines the onboarding process of new members and improves security, further enhanced by changes to the server’s architecture and packaging.

The Central Server in the X-Road system, after minor updates in the past, is undergoing major changes with the forthcoming X-Road 7.3.0. This version promises a complete overhaul of the Central Server UI, offering an intuitive interface that facilitates regular administrative tasks and streamlines the onboarding of new X-Road members.

A new feature in this version removes the need for supplementary management requests for authentication certificates and client registration requests. A registration request from the Security Server suffices, and it can be approved with two clicks on the Central Server. Also, enabling automatic approval makes this process fully automated.

The other major addition is the Central Server management REST API, which allows automation of common maintenance and management tasks, resulting in more efficient operations. The API mirrors the UI’s functionalities, and both utilize the same underlying system.

Significant architectural changes come with the new UI and API. The Jetty component has been replaced with the UI and API, registration service, and management service components. The changes also influence the Central Server’s log files, directories, software packages, and services.

Despite the new UI and API being the most visible changes in version 7.3.0, there are other improvements and fixes, including security enhancements and technology updates.

The launch of X-Road 7.3.0 represents a substantial shift in the Central Server’s functionalities. The revamped UI and the new management REST API are poised to enhance user experience, automate tasks, and improve security. This transition underscores X-Road’s commitment to efficiency, user-centric design, and security, despite the postponement of some features. Future developments in X-Road are anticipated.

Cite: Kivimäki, P. (2023, June 20). New X-Road® Central Server UI and management REST API are here! Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions.

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