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Content Assessment: A Higher Calling? Enhancing Legal and Business Operations in Higher Education with L2 Services

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by L2 Services of their dedicated and customized support for institutes of higher learning.

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Background Note: L2 Services stands as a leading provider of eDiscovery, litigation support, and business support services, offering customized solutions specifically tailored for institutions of higher learning. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by these institutions, L2 Services leverages advanced technologies and proven methodologies to help universities and colleges navigate the complexities of today’s data-driven landscape. Whether it’s managing electronically stored information, assisting at every stage of the litigation process, or streamlining administrative tasks, L2 Services is a proven provider for delivering comprehensive and efficient support to enhance the legal and business operations of higher education institutions.

Offering Overview*

L2 Services and the Modern University: A Higher Solution for a Higher Calling

Unlocking eDiscovery, Litigation Support, and Business Support Potential with L2 Services for the Modern University

In today’s data-driven landscape, institutions of higher learning are not exempt from the complexities of managing legal, business, and information technology challenges. Universities and colleges are increasingly finding themselves at the intersection of these challenges, necessitating a comprehensive approach to eDiscovery, litigation support, and business support services. L2 Services, a leading provider of these premium services, is uniquely positioned to help these institutions navigate these challenges quickly, precisely, and completely.

eDiscovery Services

The digital age has brought about an explosion of data, and with it, a new set of challenges. For institutions of higher learning, this data can be a treasure trove of insights but can also pose significant legal and compliance risks. This is where eDiscovery comes into play.

eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, refers to the process of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a discovery request in a lawsuit or investigation. This can include emails, documents, databases, audio files, video files, social media posts, and more.

L2 Services offers comprehensive eDiscovery services, helping universities and colleges manage their ESI effectively and efficiently. Their services range from data identification and collection to processing, review, and production. They use advanced technologies and proven methodologies to ensure that all relevant data is captured while also eliminating irrelevant data, reducing the volume of data, and thereby reducing the cost of review.

In the context of higher education, eDiscovery can be crucial for various reasons. For instance, in cases of litigation involving a university, eDiscovery can help uncover critical evidence. It can also play a key role in internal investigations, compliance audits, or even in research activities where large volumes of data need to be analyzed.

Litigation Support Services

Litigation can be a complex and daunting process for any organization, including institutions of higher learning. From the moment a legal issue arises, through the discovery process, to the trial and beyond, there are countless tasks and processes to manage. This is where litigation support services come in.

L2 Services provides a wide range of litigation support services designed to assist universities and colleges at every stage of the litigation process. These include everything from document management and legal research to trial preparation and courtroom support.

Their litigation support professionals are experts in their field, with a deep understanding of both the legal and technological aspects of the litigation process. They work closely with your legal team, providing the support you need to build a strong case.

In the context of higher education, litigation support services can be invaluable. Whether it’s a lawsuit involving a faculty member, a dispute with a contractor, or a class-action lawsuit brought by students, having the right support can make all the difference in the outcome of the case.

Business Support Services

In the dynamic environment of higher education, administrative tasks and information management are crucial for smooth operations. L2 Services offers a comprehensive suite of business support services specifically designed to assist universities and colleges in managing these tasks efficiently. Their digital services are tailored to meet the unique needs of these institutions, providing them with the tools and support they need to streamline their operations and focus on their core mission of education.

  • Scanning Services: L2’s comprehensive scanning services range from box tracking and automated indexing to manual and full-text OCR indexing. These services can be conducted both on-site and off-site, providing institutions with the flexibility they need. For administrators, this means easy access to digitized documents, reducing the need for physical storage and making document retrieval more efficient. For educators, digitized materials can be easily integrated into teaching resources, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Coding Services: L2 offers coding services that include domestic and off-shore options, automated and manual capabilities, and logical unitization support. Coding helps in organizing vast amounts of data, making it easier for administrators to manage and retrieve information. For educators, coded data can provide valuable insights for research and teaching.
  • OCR Services: L2’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services enable the translation of document text images into searchable text. This not only reduces paper storage requirements but also makes it easier for institutions to find and access the information they need. Administrators can use OCR to digitize records, making them easily searchable and accessible. Educators can use OCR to digitize resources, making them more accessible to students and other faculty members.
  • Reproduction and Reprographics Services: From document copying and binding to audio and video digitization and duplication, L2 offers a range of reproduction and reprographics services. These services can help administrators in creating multiple copies of important documents, while educators can use them to reproduce teaching materials and resources.
  • Presentation Services: L2 provides expertise to help in the preparation and presentation of case materials for depositions, arbitrations, and trials. Their team can help institutions create compelling presentations that effectively communicate their message. Administrators can use these services for presenting reports and proposals, while educators can use them to enhance their teaching methods and engage students more effectively.

L2 Services is available to provide support for the needs of institutions of higher learning. They understand the unique challenges they face and offer tailored solutions to meet these needs. They help institutions focus on what they do best – providing quality education.

About L2 Services

L2 Services offers integrated services for discovery, litigation, and business support, helping law firms, legal departments, and businesses manage paper and digital data from discovery to defensible destruction to optimize positive legal and business outcomes. Learn more at

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