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Content Assessment: 2023 Merger Guidelines: Aligning Merger Enforcement with Modern Market Realities

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Editor’s Note: The release of the 2023 Merger Guidelines, jointly issued by the FTC and DOJ, is a significant development for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery. These guidelines reflect a modernized approach to merger enforcement, acknowledging the evolving nature of competition in the digital era. For cybersecurity professionals, the expanded scope of competition analysis, including platform competition, is particularly pertinent, as it impacts the landscape of tech mergers and acquisitions. Information governance experts will find the guidelines’ focus on market dynamics and the broader implications of mergers relevant for advising on compliance and risk management. Legal discovery professionals will benefit from the clarity these guidelines provide, aiding in the anticipation and understanding of legal challenges in merger cases. The 2023 Merger Guidelines serve as a critical resource for these professionals, offering insights into the strategic considerations and regulatory landscape of modern mergers and acquisitions.

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2023 Merger Guidelines: Aligning Merger Enforcement with Modern Market Realities

ComplexDiscovery Staff

In a significant move, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Justice Department have jointly released the 2023 Merger Guidelines, marking a crucial update to the frameworks used for reviewing mergers and acquisitions. These guidelines, the product of an extensive two-year public consultation process, aim to better align with the complexities and dynamics of the modern economy, reflecting recent advancements in economics and law.

The revision of the guidelines follows extensive input from a wide range of stakeholders, including workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. This collaborative approach has enabled the agencies to gain a deeper understanding of the real-life implications of merger enforcement. The revised guidelines emphasize a comprehensive view of competition, extending beyond traditional price considerations to include factors such as employment terms and conditions and platform competition. This broadened perspective is essential for assessing the commercial realities in today’s diverse economic landscape.

Historically, the FTC and the Justice Department have periodically updated their merger guidelines to adapt to evolving legal and market environments. These updates have been crucial in maintaining transparency in how the agencies analyze mergers before deciding to challenge an acquisition. The new guidelines build upon this tradition, replacing the previous horizontal and vertical merger guidelines.

The development process for the 2023 guidelines was thorough and involved widespread public engagement. Over 5,000 comments were received in response to a Request for Information on Merger Enforcement, highlighting concerns about excessive market consolidation across various industries. This feedback, combined with the expertise of the agencies and developments in market, law, and economics, informed the drafting of the proposed guidelines. Subsequently, more than 30,000 comments were received, along with inputs from three Merger Guidelines Workshops, leading to the in-depth revision process culminating in the current release.

It’s important to note that while the 2023 Merger Guidelines provide insight into the decision-making processes of the agencies, they are not legally binding and do not predetermine enforcement action. Each merger case will be assessed based on its specific facts, requiring prosecutorial discretion and judgment.

The approval of these guidelines by the Commission was unanimous, signaling a strong commitment to adapting merger enforcement to the realities of the modern market.

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