A 2018 Legal Technology Salary Mashup

This new legal technology salary mashup contains general salary data points gathered from an aggregation of publicly available technology and legal technology industry research, reports, and anecdotal evidence.

Editor’s Note: One of the biggest challenges in planning for a company’s growth is understanding the personnel requirements necessary to achieve growth objectives and then developing financially sustainable staffing plans that support those requirements. This new legal technology salary mashup* contains general salary data points** gathered from an aggregation of publicly available technology and legal technology industry research, reports, and anecdotal evidence. My hope is that it may be beneficial for use by legal technology leaders as they source and staff talent.

A 2018 Legal Technology Salary Mashup

Taken from a combination of public salary information as shared in leading salary review sites, publications, posts, and presentations, the following Legal Technology Salary Mashup shares basic salary information for key roles within today’s legal technology company. While not all-inclusive of every legal technology role, the mashup represents one interpretation of publicly available data and is general in nature, focused on average salaries in key roles based on geographical location. Key information provided includes:

  • Title
  • Average Salary for West (San Francisco)
  • Average Salary for Midwest (Chicago)
  • Average Salary for East (New York)
  • Aggregate Average Salary (US)

Salary Mashup Overview

TitleWest (SF)Midwest (Chicago)East (NY)United States
Data Scientist$147,688$116,655$132,188$132,177
IT Manager$132,875$107,169$121,438$120,494
Junior Developer$98,375$75,068$85,063$86,168
Lead Engineer$159,125$124,543$141,125$141,598
Marketing Manager$112,000$80,087$90,750$94,279
Operations Manager$120,000$82,514$93,500$98,671
Product Manager$134,875$102,370$116,000$117,748
Project Manager$120,438$85,106$96,438$100,660
Sales Manager$156,063$127,632$144,625$142,773
Sales Representative$129,063$113,898$129,063$124,008
Senior Developer$157,000$125,536$142,250$141,595
Senior Product Manager$163,625$126,970$143,875$144,823
UI/UX Manager$115,438$86,981$98,563$100,327


Mashup Notes

  • The Average Salary is based on both public and private salary information normalized for a single salary average.
  • Th US Salary Average is based on averaging of West, Midwest, and East average salaries.
  • Geographical information is based on reported salaries. Where no geographical information exists, estimations were made based on Cost Of Living (Salary) differences from locations with known salary data.
  • Salary data represents the center of gravity for salary ranges.

* What is a Mashup?

A mashup is a combination or mixing of content from different sources to create a new way of looking at data. The main characteristic of a mashup includes combinations, visualizations, and aggregation. Mashups can be helpful in making existing data more useful, moreover for personal and professional use.  (Wikipedia)

**Mashup Sources

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