An Educational Update: eDiscovery Education Center (Arkfeld)

The eDiscovery Education Center is owned by Arkfeld Professional Education, LLC (APE), and provides cost-effective learning resources to help eDiscovery professionals handle legal and practical issues in their practice area competently and ethically.

eDiscovery Classes and Certification

Extract from eDiscovery Education Center (EDEC) Website

Online Classes Overview – Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence

To fully understand how the law and the technology intersect, eDiscovery practitioners need a foundation in computer technology and how it relates to the practice of law. This foundation can be established or reinforced through an 8-week EDEC class with expert speakers, unparalleled course materials, and innovative online interactive learning.

The initial part of the 8-week class serves as an essential primer of computer technological concepts and data forensics and its importance in cases.  Following the Information Technology (IT) section, the class continues on to provide instruction, strategy and tactics for handling specific Electronically Stored Information (ESI) legal issues throughout pretrial discovery.  The entire series is based on the Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence Treatise and Best Practice Guides(Click here for more information on eDiscovery Publications.)

Classes provide attendees with the opportunity to interact with instructors through live online sessions. The classes also give attendees access to:

  • Over 18 hours of “Advanced” eDiscovery videos and a condensed version of 7 hours of “Basic” eDiscovery videos
  • Pre- and post-tests to help check attendee progress in the class
  • Factual scenarios to help attendees apply new learning
  • Fall and Spring Classes

Classes are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. The 2017 calendar is being completed as of this writing.

eDiscovery Specialist Certification

The eDiscovery Education Center provides an eDiscovery specialist certification, either basic or advanced, for completing the following requirements.

Arkfeld eDiscovery Specialist – Basic Designation


  • Content: Focusing on technological and legal eDiscovery issues
  • Total time: 7 hours viewing of on-demand condensed eDiscovery videos, completion of eDiscovery test and survey
  • Test: Passing grade of 70% for 35 questions

Arkfeld eDiscovery Specialist – Advanced Designation


  • Live or online instruction
  • Content: Focusing on technological and legal eDiscovery issues
  • Total Time: 12 hours live or online interactive instruction, 18 hours viewing of on-demand eDiscovery videos, completion of eDiscovery test and survey
  • Test – Passing grade of 70% for 50 questions

See some of the past Certified eDiscovery Professionals here.

To learn more about membership, access to educational resources and pricing, click here.

About EDEC

eDiscovery Education Center (EDEC) is owned by Arkfeld Professional Education, LLC (APE), an organization that provides instructional content to the legal community in the areas of eDiscovery, digital evidence and forensics, and data analytics.

Arkfeld Professional Education is dedicated to providing legal practitioners and associated professionals with the most current, relevant information and practices which are essential to the development of a competent, professional group. They strive to achieve these objectives through high quality live and online presentations.

These educational presentations are supplemented with substantive written material, model forms and other resources to support your needs in these specific areas. EDEC solicits the most prominent lawyers, judges and other legal practitioners who speak and write for the organization.

APE is focused on utilizing traditional and emerging technologies to assist in offering live courses, live webcasts and on-demand courses.

Corporate Mission

To enhance the professionalism of the legal practitioner and other qualified individuals by providing the most cost-effective live and online learning techniques and other resources to handle legal and practical issues in their practice area to enable them to practice law competently and ethically.

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