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 Weekly Update Sabbatical from ComplexDiscovery

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Beginning in late 2006 I began regularly compiling news updates around the discipline of eDiscovery and sharing them with others.  These updates originated as internal competitive updates for companies that I worked with and expanded over the years to include external updates of legal technology areas ranging from the cloud to compliance.  Leveraging communications conduits from blogs and emails to LinkedIn and Twitter, the sharing of information in the form of these regular updates has been an incredible learning experience.

While I plan to track and selectively post industry news and views via this blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook, I am going to take a short sabbatical from publishing the ComplexDiscovery-centric weekly updates (Vendor Clips, Weekly eDiscovery Digest and Actionable Intelligence) and the corresponding weekly email newsletter.  By definition a sabbatical is any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire news skills, or training.  So I look forward to repurposing some of the personal time I have devoted to aggregating content for the ComplexDiscovery weekly updates to investigate new communications tools, techniques and content.  I certainly plan to post and write on technology topics as I have since attending the first Blogger Con at Harvard in 2003, but will just be taking a break from the weekly exercise of aggregating posts for regular weekly updates.  Feel free to visit the companion Twitter feeds for @VendorClips, @ComplexD and @ActionableINT for non-aggregated, yet still timely news updates on these areas of interest.

Thanks for your interest.

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