CAL Trademark Challenged

After abandoning its claim of trademark over “predictive coding” in 2011, Recommind is now challenging the trademark of “continuous active learning” and its acronym, “CAL”.

Extract from article by Mary Mack

Recommind finds itself on the other end of an IP battle.

After abandoning its claim of trademark over “predictive coding” in 2011, Recommind is now challenging the trademark of “continuous active learning” and its acronym,  “CAL”.

Maura Grossman and Gordon Cormack trademarked the terms “Continuous Active Learning” and CAL in 2015, claiming those terms’ first commercial use on April 11, 2013 and January 15, 2014.

In an ACEDS interview earlier in the year, Grossman asserted that “The primary purpose of our patents is defensive; that is, if we don’t patent our work, someone else will, and that could inhibit us from being able to use it. Similarly, if we don’t protect the marks “Continuous Active Learning” and “CAL” from being diluted or misused, they may go the same route as technology-assisted review and TAR.”

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