[Legal Tech Market Update] Two Billion Dollars and Counting – A SOLID West Talk

Knox Capital Operating Partner Mike Bryant presents a short, eight-minute TED-style talk on investments and investing in the legal tech market during SOLID West on February 28, 2019, in San Francisco. SOLID, also known as the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption, is a TED talk-style summit focused on innovation and the business of law.


[Legal Education Webcast] Active Learning in eDiscovery: From Analytics to Outcomes

This expert presentation will help eDiscovery professionals understand how to appropriately apply active learning to audits, investigations, and litigation by explaining how active learning works, what are the best situations and practices for its use, and how it has been successfully employed to help legal teams speed and shape positive eDiscovery outcomes.


Legal Education Webcast: Defending IP and Trade Secrets: Shaping Positive Outcomes with eDiscovery

This expert presentation will present actionable approaches and best practices for counsel to consider as part of forensic collection, early case insight, and legal document review efforts during IP and trade secret matters. Shared through the lens of an example matter based on an aggregate of actual experiences, this webcast will help legal teams as they seek to proactively shape positive eDiscovery outcomes.


Legal Education Webcast: Theft of Trade Secrets – Forensics Best Practices

This expert presentation will cover the best practices for counsel to adopt in working to identify and forensically preserve and collect data in a sound, defensible manner. The presentation also will educate legal professionals as to the essential categories of evidence that can be recovered from smartphones and how these categories can be leveraged in not only a defensive manner but also an offensive manner in civil litigation.


An Educational Update: New York Law School Launches Business of Law Institute

New York Law School (NYLS) will launch a Business of Law Institute this fall. The Institute will create a pipeline of new lawyers to join the growing legal tech sector and will align NYLS’s related educational offerings with the evolving needs of 21st-century businesses, law firms, government agencies, and organizations committed to bridging the access-to-justice gap.

Legal Education Webcast: Mobile Device Forensics and Beyond: The New Frontier

This expert presentation will cover best practices for handling a mobile device at the outset of a matter, provide a framework for working with custodians to ensure a smooth forensic collection process, and highlight the differences between different forensic extraction types and how they affect data retrieval.