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Press Announcement

Zapproved Announces Release of ZDiscovery Platform for Corporate Ediscovery

Zapproved’s ZDiscovery platform, designed specifically for the unique ediscovery needs of in-house legal teams, is now available.

Zapproved®, the leading ediscovery software provider for managing corporate ediscovery, today announced the availability of the ZDiscovery® platform.

ZDiscovery unites Zapproved’s industry-leading legal hold management with its powerful processing and review engine to enable corporate legal teams to manage ediscovery more efficiently, cost-effectively, and confidently–with the built-in flexibility to bring in outside counsel for high risk and highly complex cases.

Designed specifically for in-house legal teams and drawing from the company’s deep expertise developed over a decade of partnering closely with customers, the platform was built to meet the evolving challenges around corporate ediscovery.

ZDiscovery’s unification of Zapproved’s popular ediscovery products is more than a simple connector, instead adding a fully integrated, dynamic layer of litigation management. The modern, intuitive interface provides visibility and insights across matters from legal holds through processing and review, more options to configure the system for how a team wants to work, and workflows that align to the unique needs of corporate legal departments.

Monica Enand, Zapproved Founder and CEO, adds, “The future of ediscovery requires the ability to defensibly manage a company’s critical and foundational legal hold work, plus handle skyrocketing data volumes from a variety of places, increased security needs, and even wholly unexpected events like the quick shift to remote workforces in 2020. ZDiscovery has been built to help our customers solve these challenges today, and stay ahead of them in the future.”

ZDiscovery’s cloud architecture offers customers enterprise-level security and integrations, scalability as matter volumes change, and instant delivery of every new feature and enhancement available. ZDiscovery also maintains Zapproved’s well-known and deep commitment to easy-to-learn, easy-to-use products.

“Software that solves complicated problems should not be complicated to use,” said Rekha Shenoy, Chief Product Officer. “ZDiscovery is designed to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes so that teams can easily automate time-consuming tasks, process data sets, and safely bring more ediscovery in-house, regardless of the size of the department.”

The ZDiscovery Platform is available today. To learn more, head to and schedule a demo.

About Zapproved

Founded in 2008, Zapproved builds ediscovery software designed to help corporate legal teams reduce costs and mitigate risk. Our software empowers teams to manage legal holds and collect, process, and review data with ease. We have more than 350 corporate customers, a 99% retention rate, and an unwavering commitment to keeping our customers ridiculously successful.

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