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Press Announcement

CloudNine Releases the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Self-Service Discovery Review Production Module with 10X Faster Imaging

CloudNine Ranks #1 in the IDC Survey of Most Trusted eDiscovery Service Vendors, and within Top 10 eDiscovery Software Providers

CloudNine, a trusted technology provider, has released updates to CloudNine Review™, a powerful SaaS platform used by thousands of professional law and legal services providers (LSP) for eDiscovery review and productions. The release enables CloudNine Review customers to receive consistently fast service levels with 10x faster imaging and the next generation in self-service productions. Release highlights are described below.

In addition, IDC, a global market intelligence firm, recently released its Survey Spotlight ranking CloudNine as the #1 most-trusted eDiscovery services vendor in the industry. The survey polled over 200 legal professionals responsible for global legal technology purchasing decisions. CloudNine’s top services ranking reflects the company’s rich tradition in Client Services and extensive partner channel, which now shoulders many recent deployments. CloudNine also ranked favorably on IDC’s list of Top 10 eDiscovery Software Providers, demonstrating the Review platform’s popularity when benchmarked against other leading competitors.

Highlights of the CloudNine Review Release include:

  • Self-Service Production – This next generation of production for Review provides enhanced self-service features available to clients 24-7 to complete document productions efficiently and independently. “Our customers continue to perform simple and complex productions via Review’s self-service features while leveraging CloudNine’s Services team as an accessible resource,” said Jacob Hesse, VP of “We also provide production services to our clients, should they need it, which sets CloudNine apart from other providers.”
  • Accelerated Service Levels – With 10x faster imaging, enhanced self-service productions, and the world’s fastest eDiscovery processing engine, CloudNine Explore™, Review delivers consistently fast service levels. Customers have the flexibility to leverage our self-service and self-service plus models across their litigation.
  • Enhanced User Experience – Improvements to UI and simplified navigation provide a more intuitive and informative user experience. The workflow automation has increased productivity for CloudNine Review customers and reduced the consumption of critical hardware resources.

“CloudNine is 100% dedicated to providing the best eDiscovery offerings on the market. We are very proud to be acknowledged as a ‘most trusted eDiscovery vendor’ in the IDC Survey,” remarked Tony Caputo, CEO of CloudNine. “Combining our internal resources with the substantial capabilities of our service partners, CloudNine strives to set the highest standard in eDiscovery technology products and services. The enhancements in the latest Review release make it an indispensable and practical option for legal and eDiscovery professionals, where time and cost have a critical impact on their bottom line.”

The aforementioned CloudNine Review features are available to CloudNine customers, partners, and service providers. For more information about CloudNine Review, click here.

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About CloudNine Discovery

Every day, our customers including corporations, law firms, government agencies, and legal service providers answer their most pressing eDiscovery questions using CloudNine applications. By offering CloudNine Collection Manager™, Data Wrangler™, Explore™, Review™, LAW™, and Concordance® as individual or comprehensive and integrated solutions, hosted and on-premises, CloudNine delivers market-leading flexibility and performance.  For company information, visit or email

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