Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023
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    Content Assessment: Enhancing Document Review? Integreon Launches New Deposition Prep Offering

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    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by Integreon of a new deposition prep service as part of its managed document review offerings.

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    Press Announcement

    Integreon Launches New Deposition Prep Offering, Adding Virtual Witness Binder Creation To Its Robust Managed Document Review Capabilities

    Corporate Legal Clients Realize Substantial Time and Cost Savings by Leveraging Integreon’s Optimized Process and Technology to Review, Cull, and Vet Documents before Depositions

    FARGO, ND and LONDON, UK – Integreon, a trusted global managed services and alternative legal services provider (ALSP), has [March 29, 2022] launched a new Deposition Prep offering. Integreon’s experts work with matter counsel to review and cull documents for virtual witness binder creation in preparation for commercial litigation depositions. Deposition Prep is the newest addition to Integreon’s robust slate of Managed Document Review (MDR) services within its powerhouse Litigation Services business unit.

    Deposition Prep is the culmination of Integreon’s collaborative partnerships with corporate clients, law firms, data vendors and technology providers. In tandem with their client and counsel, Integreon’s knowledgeable team of document reviewers identifies witnesses and determines relevant facts and issues to narrow down the population to the most relevant document sets. With counsel’s input, the team then summarizes documents to assemble personalized witness binders and chronologies. Counsel uses these materials to prepare witnesses for depositions.

    Integreon’s skilled use of people, process and technology dramatically reduces the number of documents from huge data sets to include only the most germane content, thereby reducing the cost of deposition preparation and assisting counsel to optimally prepare witnesses. Moreover, counsel’s case teams have access to Integreon data scientists who leverage data visualization tools like PowerBI to detect patterns and create graphs to provide clarity and highlight connections within large data sets. Since Integreon operates delivery centers around the world in multiple languages and time zones, global clients can also be assured of a quality result and round-the-clock service.

    “Managed Document Review services are one of the cornerstones of Integreon’s substantial track record in Litigation Services and we are confident that Deposition Prep is a highly useful addition,” remarked Jamie Berry, Integreon’s Executive Vice President and head of the Litigation Services business unit. “Corporate clients asked us for assistance with witness documents, and it was a natural fit since our teams were already familiar with their document sets and the most modern technology tools. Deposition Prep is the latest innovation in Integreon’s document review wheelhouse, and we already have Fortune 500 companies and their law firms benefiting from the offering.”

    “Integreon has been a longstanding and trusted partner to Pfizer for Managed Document Review services, and we are very excited about their new Deposition Prep offering,” said Ed Gramling, Discovery Counsel and Assistant General Counsel, Pfizer. “We work closely with Integreon’s team and outside counsel to bring greater efficiency and focus to assemble witness binders that provide only the most relevant documents presented in an organized, digestible way. The cost and time savings Integreon’s innovations have afforded us are incredibly valuable to our company.”

    Integreon’s Litigation Services group leverages 20+ years of experience and industry standards and best practices to deliver documented processes and in-depth performance metrics to increase client visibility. Whether for litigation, arbitration, investigations (internal or regulatory), or even for responding to requests for personal data for litigation, vast amounts of data need to be considered and expertly handled. Integreon’s global team of attorneys and subject matter experts develop right-sized custom solutions that bring together technology, process, and resources able to meet demanding timelines and data security standards while maintaining the agility to handle changing needs and requirements.

    For more information about Integreon’s Litigation Services business unit, Managed Document Review and Deposition Prep, visit or email

    About Integreon

    Integreon is a trusted, global provider of award-winning legal, business, and research support solutions to leading law firms, legal departments, financial institutions, and professional services firms. The company applies a highly trained, experienced team of over 3,500 employees globally to a wide range of problems that require scale and expertise, enabling clients to become more operationally efficient by streamlining operations, maximizing investment, and improving the quality of work they provide their end clients. With delivery centers on three continents, Integreon offers multi-lingual, around-the-clock support, as well as onshore, offshore, and onsite delivery of services. Integreon is owned by EagleTree Capital, a leading New York-based private equity firm that has invested approximately $2.7 billion of equity capital since inception.

    For more information about Integreon’s extensive range of services, email, visit and follow Integreon at LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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