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Editor’s Note: The announcement of Exterro Assist marks an important development in the eDiscovery sector, introducing an AI-powered assistant designed to meet the industry’s evolving demands. With expectations of enhancing productivity by up to 75% and its LLM-agnostic architecture, Exterro Assist is tailored to the intricate needs of professionals in eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information governance. This tool stands out for its emphasis on customer data privacy, ensuring that client data is not used for training its language models, reflecting a responsible and ethical approach to AI technology.

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Exterro’s Generative AI Tool Promises Up to 75% Productivity Boost in eDiscovery

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On January 30, 2024, Exterro unveiled Exterro Assist, an innovative AI assistant tailored to eDiscovery. This tool, set to launch with general availability in Q2 2024, promises to redefine efficiency in eDiscovery and legal compliance processes, offering up to 75% productivity gains. As a leader in data risk management software, Exterro’s introduction of Exterro Assist demonstrates its commitment to advancing the industry with sophisticated and privacy-conscious technology solutions.

Exterro Assist’s heart lies in its ability to interpret and carry out tasks through natural language interactions, representing a shift from traditional data management methods. This feature allows users to engage with their data intuitively and efficiently, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in eDiscovery tasks. Ajith Samuel, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Exterro highlights the tool’s capacity to handle a broad spectrum of eDiscovery tasks with straightforward, conversational interactions, enhancing the user experience and ensuring higher accuracy.

A crucial aspect of Exterro Assist is its potential to increase productivity significantly. By facilitating rapid and precise information retrieval, report generation, and workflow automation, Exterro Assist is projected to boost platform-wide productivity by up to 75%. This substantial improvement in efficiency represents a major advancement in how professionals manage and interact with data in the eDiscovery sector.

Exterro Assist – Example Generative AI Legal Hold Prompt and Response

Additionally, Exterro Assist is designed to be LLM agnostic, meaning it can work effectively with various large language models. This flexibility ensures that Exterro Assist can adapt to different LLMs, providing a versatile and robust tool for eDiscovery professionals. Moreover, the platform prioritizes customer data privacy and specificity. Exterro notes that customer data will only be used with a single matter-specific LLM and will not contribute to training these models. This approach underscores Exterro’s commitment to maintaining the highest data privacy and security standards, crucial in the legal and data governance fields.

In terms of security and defensibility, Exterro Assist has been meticulously designed. It offers multiple validation layers and a clear audit trail for all actions, addressing the critical need for transparency and accountability in eDiscovery processes. Such features ensure that users can trust the results and maintain comprehensive oversight of their operations.

Exterro Assist will first be introduced as an add-on for Exterro Legal Hold customers, ensuring that those already using Exterro’s platforms can immediately benefit from this new AI assistant. Following its initial release, Exterro plans to expand the availability of Exterro Assist across every module of the Exterro Data Risk Management Platform. This phased approach underscores Exterro’s commitment to integrating this advanced technology across its full suite of tools, making it accessible to a broader range of users in the eDiscovery, privacy, and data governance sectors.

As professionals in related fields continually seek ways to optimize their workflows, Exterro Assist stands out as an innovative and secure solution. With its promise of up to 75% productivity gains and a customer-focused approach to data privacy, Exterro Assist is redefining the integration of AI in eDiscovery technologies. Exterro, with this announcement, reinforces its role as a leader in the field, continually pushing the boundaries of technology in legal and data management practices.

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