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Content Assessment: ReviewRight Staff™ for Unmatched Candidate Screening, Evaluation, and Testing

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent educational post highlighting the ReviewRight Staff™ service from specialized eDiscovery provider, HaystackID.

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Background Note: HaystackID® offers Global Managed Review services powered by ReviewRight®, the company’s proprietary technology that assesses and vets document review attorneys. Developed in 2011, ReviewRight is the industry’s gold standard for analyzing and matching document review skill sets to a client’s needs, ensuring clients receive the best fit for their matters. The technology assesses not only a reviewer’s ability to analyze matter details and speed accurately but also matches their background and knowledge skills to the requirements of the matter, such as subject matter expertise, domain knowledge, and language fluency. With over 2,500 remote review matters and second requests completed globally and a network of more than 25,000 global attorneys within the ReviewRight platform, HaystackID provides the industry’s most powerful Global Solution for Managed Review. With the ability to augment internal resources, save time and cost, and allow for scalability, ReviewRight Staff™ is a valuable tool for professionals in the cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery fields to ensure high-quality review services for their clients.

Service Backgrounder

ReviewRight Staff™ for Unmatched Candidate Screening, Evaluation, and Testing


ReviewRight Staff: A Global Document Reviewer Marketplace 

As part of HaystackID’s Global Managed Review services, ReviewRight Staff is a document reviewer marketplace that matches certified candidates’ qualifications and performance with specific staffing needs. With over 25,000 registered legal professionals and 7,650 placements in 2022, ReviewRight Staff encompasses a diverse pool of reviewers, with 53.9% being female and 59.1% identifying as non-white/non-unknown. The complete ReviewRight portfolio of Global Managed Review services, including ReviewRight Staff, is bolstered by HaystackID’s stellar NPS score of 100 for the calendar year of 2022.

HaystackID and its ReviewRight offerings have served a large number of Fortune 100 and AMLAW 100 companies and have expertise in 107 practice areas/industries, 14 software products/technology, 14 roles/responsibilities, and 27 foreign languages. This expertise equates to more than 566,000 unique combinations available for staffing consideration through the company’s proprietary Match AI technology.

Additionally, the average time it takes to staff a project with ReviewRight Staff is 24 hours, with projects ranging from one reviewer to several hundred. Also, and importantly, ReviewRight is the originator of secure remote document review and has enabled the successful completion of over 2,500 projects, 70% of which were remote.

Experience Matters. The Right Experience Matters More.

HaystackID ReviewRight Staff has a strong pool of highly experienced Gold and Platinum Reviewers in top practice areas. The company has a total of 4,223 candidates who specialize in antitrust, with aggregate experience of 3,747 years and three months. Contracts are another popular practice area, with 2,480 candidates with an aggregate experience of 1,489 years and eight months.

Intellectual Property is also an area of expertise for ReviewRight Staff reviewers, with 2,151 candidates with an aggregate experience of 1,493 years and 11 months. The company also boasts 2,068 candidates with extensive experience in regulatory investigations, averaging 1,663 years and three months of aggregate experience.

Finally, ReviewRight Staff has 1,980 candidates specializing in securities litigations with an aggregate experience of 1,818 years and six months. These numbers highlight the depth of experience and expertise that ReviewRight Staff’s Gold and Platinum Reviewers bring to clients, empowering top-notch review services in the industry’s leading practice areas.

The Benefits of Engaging ReviewRight Staff

HaystackID’s ReviewRight Staff service provides key benefits to clients by augmenting their internal resources, saving time and cost, and allowing for scalability. Contract reviewers are available to support internal client teams during periods of high data volume, inconsistent work, or when specific skills or expertise are required. Additionally, using ReviewRight Staff for contract reviewer staffing reduces costs, eliminating the need for hiring full-time staff or paying for expensive technology or software.

ReviewRight Staff: Why Use HaystackID?

ReviewRight Staff provides a comprehensive document reviewer selection program that ensures the best quality of candidates for clients. With a focus on the active recruitment and evaluation of thousands of document reviewers worldwide, ReviewRight Staff utilizes HaystackID’s proprietary Match AI system to ensure objective placement of candidates tailored to each client and project.

Unparalleled Candidate Screening, Evaluation, and Testing

What sets ReviewRight Staff apart from others in the document review space is its unparalleled candidate screening, evaluation, and testing process. Instead of simply hiring an employee without knowing their ability to handle the job, ReviewRight Staff tests for the specific skills required for document review, including speed reading, reading comprehension, and issue spotting.

Our Assessment Makes Us Different. And Better.

The ReviewRight Test Assessment, a one-of-a-kind proprietary system, scores candidates on multiple relevant document review data points, including accuracy and speed for tasks such as Relevance, Issue Spotting, and Privilege. Only 25% of candidates who take the assessment and pass all other screens will ultimately work for ReviewRight Staff, ensuring the highest quality candidates for clients.

The Journey Beyond Assessment 

The journey to becoming a ReviewRight Certified document reviewer does not end with the ReviewRight Test Assessment. The company believes that document reviewers perform faster and more accurately on projects when their background and experience align with the project. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to build their reviewer profiles in the ReviewRight candidate portal. This profile building includes information on every project the reviewer has worked on in their careers, such as a brief description, practice area, industry, type of matter, software used, tasks, roles and responsibilities, duration, the technology used, and the languages in the project.

Reviewer Ratings Count. Especially Performance.

Once a project is completed, reviewers are evaluated and rated on their performance on a three-factor scale to determine their five-point rating. The evaluation considers objective factors such as coding accuracy and review speed, as well as intangible factors such as attendance, lateness, communication skills, and leadership.

The Art of the Interview. The Science of Placement.

HaystackID recruiters also conduct meaningful interviews with each candidate to determine their ideal placement, focusing on attributes that would make them successful in a remote work environment. The company’s proprietary learning algorithm, Match AI, uses all this information to forecast each candidate’s performance on each prospective project.

In addition to testing, evaluating, and tracking performance, ReviewRight Staff also handles all reviewer administrative tasks, including timekeeping, payroll, and HR benefits, making the process as seamless as possible for clients to add reviewers to their teams. 

Candidate Screening: From Background to Conflicts 

With ReviewRight Staff, HaystackID takes the screening process seriously to ensure that all our candidates are a good fit for client document review projects. Before considering the placement of a candidate, the company first runs a thorough background check to ensure reviewers have a clean record. This background check must be updated within the last 365 days. 

In addition to background checks, HaystackID, through its ReviewRight Staff service, also verifies that each candidate has an active bar license and is in good standing with no disciplinary actions. This additional quality check ensures that candidates are legally qualified to work on client projects.

To prevent conflicts of interest, all contract attorneys must keep records of the parties they have represented, adverse parties, and third parties for the past seven years, along with a description of the matters worked. Before placing a candidate on a project, the company carefully screens all self-identified parties against the relevant parties for each potential project to avoid any potential conflicts.

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