The Fabric of Digital Marketing: A Concise List of Tools

When considering leaders for an organization’s marketing efforts, it is important to evaluate not only that leader’s understanding of digital marketing tactics, techniques, and tools, but it is also equally important to assess that leader’s ability to execute, not just talk, about digital marketing programs.

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An article by Rob Robinson

When one considers that nearly half of all Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have a core focus on product, service, or experience commercialization with the goal of spurring sales through marketing communications, it seems reasonable to assert that organizations with these types of CMOs place a high value on marketing communication programs that create awareness and drive demand. Also, when one considers the prevalence of digital communications in today's marketing mix, it also seems reasonable to assert that CMOs focused on commercialization need to have a firm grasp on digital marketing tactics, techniques, and tools that can positively impact the organization's bottom line, the most important measurement of marketing communication program success.

Having a firm grasp on digital marketing tactics, techniques, and tools does not necessarily require a CMO focused on commercialization to be an expert on all available tools and tactics, but it does seem reasonable to suggest that they should at least have a working knowledge of the capabilities of many of the digital tools employed today. And if they expertly understand and can personally leverage those tools, they can not only ensure they are applied correctly but in many cases can make timely additions and adjustments that increase the potential for task success without having to rely on extended teams or outsourced assets to make simple adjustments. This type of experiential understanding by a CMO may also directly contribute to the bottom line by saving time and money in digital marketing program execution.

With the need for a commercialization-focused CMO to understand the capabilities of digital marketing tools in mind, provided below is a short list of digital marketing tools that many organizations find useful in their digital marketing efforts.

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