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Content Assessment: The Greening of Discovery Workflows? The Launch of Merlin’s AI-Powered DiscoveryPartner



A short assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by Merlin Search Technologies of DiscoveryPartner, a cutting-edge Generative AI platform designed to transform the landscape of search, investigation, and discovery in legal workflows.

Editor’s Note: In the rapidly evolving landscape of legal technology, Merlin Search Technologies has emerged as a pioneer with its groundbreaking platform, DiscoveryPartner. This new platform, leveraging Generative AI (GenAI) and advanced cloud technologies, is set to transform the traditional methods of document discovery and investigation. Its emphasis on speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness marks a significant shift in how legal professionals approach large data sets. This article delves into DiscoveryPartner’s features, the vision behind it, and its potential impact on the legal tech ecosystem, particularly for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery.

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The Greening of Discovery Workflows? The Launch of Merlin’s AI-Powered DiscoveryPartner

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Merlin Search Technologies has recently announced the release of DiscoveryPartner, a cutting-edge Generative AI platform designed to transform the landscape of search, investigation, and discovery in legal workflows. This platform, a culmination of three years of intensive development, represents a significant leap in efficiency and cost-effectiveness for handling large document sets.

DiscoveryPartner stands out with its unique ability to dramatically reduce the time and costs traditionally associated with document review and analysis. Using large language models (LLMs) like GPT and Claude, it offers an alternative to the labor-intensive methods of the past, enabling clients to navigate through extensive data sets with unprecedented speed and reduced expenses.

The platform is delivered through a secure, cloud-based service utilizing a single-tenant cloud architecture. This approach not only ensures enhanced security and flexibility but also introduces an innovative On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing model. Clients can now enjoy up to 70% reduction in hosting costs by turning off sites when not in use, simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

At the core of DiscoveryPartner is Sherlock AI, a sophisticated suite of generative AI and machine learning algorithms. Sherlock AI redefines the discovery process, enabling tasks like document finding, analysis, and review to be completed in minutes. It offers functionalities like key witness identification, content synthesis across documents, and tagging documents for responsiveness, all powered by GenAI.

Merlin’s multi-LLM approach allows users to select from various GenAI engines for different tasks, optimizing both cost and speed. This framework ensures that DiscoveryPartner remains adaptable and at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.

The platform’s deployment via single-tenant cloud infrastructure is another notable innovation. Each client’s site operates in its own virtual private cloud, ensuring greater security and flexibility. This architecture is a departure from the typical multi-tenant environments used by other vendors, providing clients with more control and reducing the risk of data breaches.

The introduction of On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing is a game-changer in software hosting. Clients are billed by the minute, allowing for significant savings, especially as discovery sites are not continuously active. This pricing model, combined with features like the Cloud Energy Saver, not only cuts costs but also contributes to green computing initiatives by reducing energy consumption.

DiscoveryPartner’s impact extends beyond just cost and time savings. It represents a commitment to continual innovation and adaptation in the face of evolving technologies. As generative AI continues to advance, Merlin Search Technologies is poised to integrate new developments, ensuring that DiscoveryPartner remains an essential tool for legal professionals.

The launch of DiscoveryPartner by Merlin Search Technologies marks a significant milestone in the legal tech industry. By harnessing the power of GenAI and cloud technologies, DiscoveryPartner is set to redefine investigation and discovery workflows, promising enhanced efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability.

To experience this transformative technology, Merlin invites interested parties to a masterclass in New York City, or to reach out for a personal demonstration. As the legal sector increasingly embraces technological advancements, platforms like DiscoveryPartner are poised to become indispensable tools for legal professionals worldwide.

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