Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
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    Content Assessment: HaystackID™ Releases 3.0 Security Enhancements to Review Technology

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    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the newly released ReviewRight Virtual® Security Enhancements from specialized eDiscovery provider, HaystackID.

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    Press Announcement

    Remote Review Pioneer HaystackID™ Announces Release of Cutting-Edge 3.0 Security Enhancements to Its Review Technology

    New security features are among the most advanced in data and legal review market

    WASHINGTON – February 1, 2021 – Businesses conducting remote review can now significantly reduce cybersecurity threats with a new portfolio of 3.0 security enhancements from specialized eDiscovery services firm HaystackID. The pioneer of remote review, HaystackID has conducted more than 1,000 remote review projects and now offers additional customized levels of security, including highly specialized layers to protect against malware and unauthorized access to data.

    “The need for secure remote work has never been greater. But every matter has different policy and security needs, and we are adapting our technology accordingly,” said HaystackID chief information security officer and president of forensics John Wilson. “For those organizations needing the most secure technology out there, 3.0 provides them with that extra protection ensuring that only the authorized user can access their data.”

    To ensure the appropriate level of security for specific policy, privacy and project needs, the new offering from HaystackID consists of distinct and synergistic features delivered in three different customizable packages. For those needing the most secure protections, the elite level uses revolutionary biometric AI technology and features the latest in webcam identity verification technology, including the detection of unauthorized users/objects (cameras/phones) and tracking of the user’s movements and focus. All three levels ensure connection, communication and compliance with the most stringent legal and regulatory security and privacy requirements.

    “Security has always been an essential part of our remote review. But since we first offered it in 2014, we have had to adapt to rapidly changing security risks,” said Matt Daimler, HaystackID’s senior vice president and general manager of review services. “Now increased cyber threats and exponential growth in remote work due to the pandemic have driven the need for even greater protection. Our 3.0 platform is the next step in that evolution using cutting-edge, next-generation technology.”

    HaystackID’s 3.0 enhancements provide a layered approach to review security, ensuring access to a tailored set of features for remote review requirements. The technology generations include:

    + First generation  → Adaptation – Secured the connectivity through infrastructure.
    + Second generation → Integration – Coordinated security and communications protocols and processes.
    + Third generation → Optimization – Uses latest technology and extended security to compliance.

    Just last month, HaystackID launched its revolutionary ReviewRight Protect™ service to provide companies with faster, more efficient data breach discovery and review. Combining machine learning with extensive legal and regulatory discovery and review experience to provide insight and intelligence to inform post-breach data-driven decisions and responses, companies suffering from data breaches can now assess their exposure, identify the at-risk data, and get back online more quickly.

    For more information on HaystackID’s Secure Remote Review, go to

    About HaystackID™

    HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms find, understand and learn from data when facing complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. HaystackID mobilizes industry-leading computer forensics, eDiscovery, and attorney document review experts to serve more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms in North America and Europe. Serving nearly half of the Fortune 100, HaystackID is an alternative legal services provider that combines expertise and technical excellence with a culture of white-glove customer service. For more information about its suite of services, go to

    Read the original announcement on ReviewRight Virtual Security Enhancements from HaystackID

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