Congruity360 Completes End-to-End eDiscovery Suite with Acquisition of SaGo

Congruity360 expands its data governance solution portfolio and completes its end-to-end eDiscovery suite with the acquisition of Inc., and SaGo’s proprietary litigation hold solution, Hold360 (formerly Legal Hold).

Press Announcement

Congruity360, a leading data management provider, further grows its portfolio of data governance solutions to include an automated litigation hold platform with its latest acquisition of Inc, developer of next-generation software solutions for smarter compliance and information governance.

Hold360 (formerly Legal Hold), SaGo’s proprietary litigation hold solution, reduces timelines and cost associated with litigation hold workflows while reducing legal teams’ reliance on IT departments by way of a simple, user-friendly platform. A true knowledge transfer tool, Hold3 replaces time-consuming, unreliable litigation hold tracking practices, like manually updating spreadsheets or paper lists, with a centralized platform that easily and automatically keeps track of litigation hold notices, acknowledgements, and surveys. Workflows created within Hold360 are repeatable and fully defensible via automatically generated audit logs.

Hold360 integrates with most cloud and enterprise applications, including Microsoft Office365, Google’s G Suite, Microsoft OneDrive,, Workday, and Slack. The tool holds data in place within each application, eliminating redundant file creation and storage.  Congruity360 has also acquired Legal Mailroom, SaGo’s subpoena management platform that reduces manual handling time and costs, mitigating the risk of leakage and missed response deadlines.

When paired with Discover360, Congruity360’s early case assessment and collection tool, Hold360 rounds out the company’s end-to-end early case assessment solution. Together, Hold360 and Discover360 support the eDiscovery process from initial litigation hold orders to targeted collection, producing a lean dataset for review – yielding faster case assessments, minimized legal review fees, and more timely responses to litigation events. Congruity360’s single platform eliminates the need for multiple eDiscovery vendors, significantly reducing the risk of data spoliation during the litigation process.

“The union of SaGo and Congruity360 introduces a powerful compliance and governance solution within one central hub. The pairing of Hold360 and Discover360 delivers defensible, secure interruption of normal retention schedules – ensuring the consummate protection of an organization’s data,” said John Sanchez, founder and CEO of SaGo.

Congruity360 continues to innovate in the data governance space with the forthcoming launch of Classify360, a data classification tool that enables users to achieve regulatory compliance by identifying redundant, obsolete, trivial, and risk data; taking defensible action on datasets, and maintaining ongoing data integrity.

About Congruity360

Congruity360 is a single-source data management provider bringing order to data chaos.  Our solutions keep enterprise data secure, healthy, and agile, exposing reliable data sets that empower businesses to make intelligent decisions. With a focus on cost savings, simplicity, and efficiency, Congruity360 introduces simple workflows, reduced storage footprints, and maximum productivity to every engagement. Congruity360 started operations in 2016 and collectively brings over three decades of data governance expertise to the eDiscovery and enterprise data governance industries.

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