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Veritext Legal Solutions Acquires U.S. Court Reporting Business from Epiq

“While this was a solid business for Epiq, it was clear to us that it would be best served if aligned with an organization focused on investing in and growing court reporting and related services in the U.S.,” said David Dobson, chief executive officer of Epiq. “Veritext is growing and committed to the court reporting industry on all levels and a perfect fit to service the needs of our court reporting clients.”

The Fabric of Digital Marketing: A Concise List of Tools

When considering leaders for an organization’s marketing efforts, it is important to evaluate not only that leader’s understanding of digital marketing tactics, techniques, and tools, but it is also equally important to assess that leader’s ability to execute, not just talk, about digital marketing programs.

Privacy Shield and the UK: An Important and Time Sensitive Update

The United Kingdom (UK) has notified the European Union (EU) of its intention to withdraw from the European Union on March 29, 2019.  In order to receive personal data from the UK in reliance on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework (“Privacy Shield” or “the Framework”), Privacy Shield participants must update their Privacy Shield commitments by the Applicable Date.

Explaining Elevate’s Recent Acquisitions (Liam Brown)

“Why did we start Elevate?” Back in 2011, we saw demand for legal services outstripping the growth of the economy, and that demand was being driven by trends such as the explosion of data, regulation, and globalization. Increasingly, legal was woven into the day-to-day operations of the business, rather than being a silo function. More internal and external customers began demanding even more legal services, at the same time they were becoming accustomed to ‘always-on, instant service’ in their consumer life.

Drunks, DNA and Data Transfer Risk in eDiscovery

Just as there are many tasks in electronic discovery, many times there are multiple technologies and platforms involved in the complete electronic discovery process. When there are multiple technologies and platforms involved, data must be transferred from disparate technologies and platforms to other disparate technologies and platforms. This data transfer can be considered a risk factor that impacts the overall electronic discovery process.

Sonasoft Signs Definitive Purchase Agreement to Acquire AI Company Hotify

“With the acquisition of Hotify, Sonasoft is poised to be a disruptive competitor in the industry,” said Andy Khanna, Vice Chairman of Sonasoft, who is in charge of mergers, acquisitions, and compliance matters. “Hotify has proven AI technology, and that is why we pursued this acquisition. When combined with Sonasoft’s client and partner portfolio along with our strong sales and marketing engine, we have an incredible opportunity for success. Our existing IP in data archiving and eDiscovery is an initial launching point to fully integrate Hotify’s AI.”

Venture Capital Tempts Law Firms, But Ethical Concerns Surface

Law firms increasingly are turning toward high-risk, high-reward venture capital investing as a way to spur technology innovations to streamline functions like contract review and legal research. Yet the investments are raising conflicts-related concerns among legal ethics experts and competing firms that have rejected the approach.

[Legal Tech Market Update] Two Billion Dollars and Counting – A SOLID West Talk

Knox Capital Operating Partner Mike Bryant presents a short, eight-minute TED-style talk on investments and investing in the legal tech market during SOLID West on February 28, 2019, in San Francisco. SOLID, also known as the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption, is a TED talk-style summit focused on innovation and the business of law.