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Reveal Data Acquires Mindseye Solutions

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with the Mindseye team in order to continue to deliver cutting edge solutions to our customers worldwide,” said Wendell Jisa, Founder and CEO of Reveal. “The ability to leverage Mindseye’s advanced processing capabilities and ECA tools within the Reveal platform will provide our customers with the most complete and cost-efficient solution in the market.”

Time to Revisit Your Support Metrics?

It’s a good idea to periodically take a step back, look at the support metrics you’re tracking, and consider some newer metrics that may more accurately reflect customer satisfaction. One of these newer metrics is the Customer Effort Score (CES). CES is a customer experience survey metric that enables service organizations to account for the ease of customer interaction and resolution during a request. This is important as research indicates that customer effort is the strongest driver to customer loyalty.

[Legal Education Webcast] How Corporate eDiscovery Programs Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Cost

Corporations faced with substantial eDiscovery requirements often lack the basic components of a corporate eDiscovery program, which prevents them from achieving efficiencies and reducing costs with respect to eDiscovery. In this educational and instructional presentation, our expert panelists will explain how to design and implement a corporate electronic discovery program for use in litigation, investigation and compliance matters.

From Glass House to Glassdoor? Transparency in the Workplace

Transparency is a growing feature of the world we live in, including the modern workplace. Workers, including those in the legal industry, have decided that Glassdoor ratings and reviews are worthy of their consideration.

Weaponizing Security? The Emerging Role of the CISO in eDiscovery

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is becoming the norm in eDiscovery companies as these companies grow their client base and venture into compliance and data breach prevention services. In fact, one industry expert sees the CISO role also being weaponized to support the sales function during client discussions about security.

Connect, Contest, and Challenge: Counter-Marketing and Social Media

While not a new concept, counter-marketing with social media does provide companies a unique way to increase awareness and demand while at the same time attempting to neutralize the impact of competitor social media marketing. The aim of social media counter-marketing is not to disparage competitors or detract from their social media efforts, but to translate their work into another opportunity to bring awareness to your company, message, and offerings.