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Reinventing Enterprise Search? AWS Announces Amazon Kendra

Amazon Kendra is a highly accurate and easy to use enterprise search service that’s powered by machine learning. Kendra delivers powerful natural language search capabilities to websites and applications so end users can more easily find the information they need within the vast amount of content spread across their company.

An E-Discovery Day Snapshot: An Overview of Four eDiscovery Industry Kinetics

From E-Discovery Day, Exterro, and the EDRM to Analysts, ACEDS, and Alternative Legal Service Providers, there are many excellent resources for considering the business of eDiscovery. Hopefully, the four resources noted in this article and that share eDiscovery information on market size, investments, business confidence, and pricing considerations provide data point snapshots that may be useful to you as you rest, refresh, and reconsider the eDiscovery industry during the time frame of the 5th Annual E-Discovery Day in 2019.

The Cost of Doing Business? Winter 2020 eDiscovery Pricing Survey Results

Based on the complexity of data and legal discovery, it is a continual challenge to fully understand what is representative of industry-standard pricing for the delivery of eDiscovery products and services. With this challenge in mind, the semi-annual eDiscovery Pricing Survey is designed to provide insight into eDiscovery pricing through the lens of 15 specific questions answered by legal, business, security, and information professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem. The winter 2020 survey was open from November 19, 2019, until November 29, 2019, and had 80 respondents share their understanding of the pricing of eDiscovery services.

Thankful for Your Customers? Eleven Customer Relationship Considerations

While many different attributes may impact inter-organizational and interpersonal engagements between providers and customers, the following eleven customer relationship attributes may be beneficial for providers to consider as they seek to meet and exceed customer expectations in the delivery of data and legal discovery services.

EDRM Announces Global Launch From Ireland

“Ireland, at the crossroads of the EU and UK, is perfectly poised to inform the US legal technology community, with mature privacy, breach and disclosure tools and processes,” said Mary [Mack]. “EDRM is proud and thrilled to launch with our friends in Dublin.”

Proofpoint Completes the Acquisition of ObserveIT

Companies worldwide are in a constant battle to stop cybercriminals from stealing employee credentials, to correct accidental user behaviors that can result in unintended data loss, and to prevent malicious employee action. Through this acquisition, Proofpoint will provide security teams with the capability to understand and respond to data being mishandled, whether on a corporate device, in a cloud app like Office 365, or via email allowing teams to rapidly detect, investigate, and prevent potential insider threat incidents.