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Proofpoint to Acquire ObserveIT for $225 Million in Cash

“Today’s ObserveIT acquisition underscores Proofpoint’s commitment to providing organizations with people-centric cybersecurity and compliance solutions that protect what matters: their people and the data they have access to, in a post-perimeter, cloud-first world,” said Gary Steele, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Proofpoint.

Data Lakes: An Important Technological Approach for Data and Legal Discovery

As highlighted by Jennifer Zaino in BizTech, a data lake is an architecture for storing high-volume, high-velocity, high-variety, as-is data in a centralized repository for Big Data and real-time analytics. And the technology is an attention-getter: The global data lakes market is expected to grow at a rate of 28 percent between 2017 and 2023.

Veristar Announces Company Launch and Supporting Acquisition

“Successful organizations are built on the strength of their people, and that is the foundation of Veristar,” says company founder, CEO and president Rick Avers. “Our team has unmatched experience handling sensitive information in litigations, investigations, regulatory requests and other complex data matters for clients in a wide array of industries. That expertise helps us to quickly understand client needs and case strategies, guiding us to identify the right approach and implement the most efficient solution.”

[Legal Education Webcast] New Data Types and eDiscovery: From Social Media and Slack to the Cloud

From the expanding universe of social media applications such as Twitter and Tic-Tok to modern productivity tools ranging from Slack to Office 365, eDiscovery professionals continually are challenged with identifying and understanding new types of data. In this expert presentation, computer forensics and eDiscovery authorities Michael Sarlo and John Wilson will share an overview of critical considerations, proven protocols, and best practices for discovering and dealing with new types of data.

A Framework for Improving Cybersecurity: Infrastructure Considerations from NIST

Due to the increasing pressures from external and internal threats, organizations responsible for critical infrastructure need to have a consistent and iterative approach to identifying, assessing, and managing cybersecurity risk. This approach is necessary regardless of an organization’s size, threat exposure, or cybersecurity sophistication today. NIST’s Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity may be helpful for organizations seeking to apply the principles and best practices of risk management to improve security and resilience.

eDiscovery Business Kinetics: A Look at Operational Metrics in the Fall of 2019

In the fall of 2019, 141 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey participants chose to answer at least one of the optional business operational metric survey questions in the quarterly survey. Almost 25% (24.8%) of survey respondents reported Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) as increasing in the fall of 2019. This is a solid decrease from approximately 33% (32.7%) reporting MRR as increasing in the summer of 2019.

Falling Temperatures? Eighteen Observations on eDiscovery Business Confidence in the Fall of 2019

In the fall of 2019, only 38.7% of eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey respondents feel that business climate conditions will be better in six months. This is slightly lower than sentiment in the summer of 2019 where 39.9% of survey respondents felt that the business conditions would be better in six months. However, it is the lowest rating in this area since the inception of the survey and may indicate a continued cooling of business conditions.

[E-Discovery Day Educational Webcast] Pro Bono and Diversity in the eDiscovery Industry

In this eDiscovery Day educational panel, industry experts will outline opportunities for eDiscovery professionals to utilize their skills to serve indigent clients, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The expert panel will also describe concrete actions that eDiscovery professionals can pursue to promote diversity in their teams and the teams that they work with. This webcast will be of particular interest to professionals having a desire to give back to their communities.

Five Years of Education: 5th Annual E-Discovery Day Lineup Announced

“E-Discovery Day is a chance to learn from industry experts, network with your peers, and get ahead of the curve. Each year, the participation for E-Discovery Day reaches more legal professionals and we are thrilled with the initial line-up of supporters, events, and webcasts. Organizations are encouraged to add their own events and webcasts to provide even more opportunities to celebrate e-discovery on December 4th,” said Bill Piwonka, CMO at Exterro.