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Investing in Innovation: The Life Cycle of Corporate Venture Capital

Recent decades have witnessed non-financial firms’ forays into venture capital by creating Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) divisions. CVCs differ from traditional VCs that are seeking pure financial returns. Instead, CVCs are in general strategic corporate divisions for incumbent firms to respond to negative innovation shocks, and CVCs help those firms to expose themselves to new technologies in order to fix their weaknesses and regain their innovation edge. These findings have implications for understanding entrepreneurial financing and corporate innovation policies.

Is The Ride Over? An Early Look at Three eDiscovery Business Metric Trajectories

This in-progress overview of three important business metric trajectories is provided as a precursor to the final results of the fourteenth quarterly eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey currently being conducted by ComplexDiscovery. These preliminary results highlight the responses of legal, business, and technology professionals across the eDiscovery ecosystem to three specific business questions regarding days sales outstanding (DSO), monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and customer revenue distribution metrics.

Choosing a Cloud Provider for Business Innovation

Much of the discussion about cloud services remains focused on the needs of less-mature organizations and on technical rather than business considerations. Debate concentrates on whether to move to the cloud, which workloads are best to “lift and shift” from a cost, security and compliance perspective or how to avoid supplier lock-in, currently one of the biggest concerns when moving to the cloud.

Focusing on Artificial Intelligence? Seven Questions For Vendors With AI Products

The frenetic and much-touted world of artificial intelligence (AI) has poured into the legal industry like a storm surge. Lawyers who lack technical expertise or feel overwhelmed by jargon and arcane mathematical concepts are at a distinct disadvantage in this technology-oriented new world. Vendors can make assertions with little risk of cross-examination.

Arbor Ridge Partners Advises H&A eDiscovery On Sale To Epiq

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our employees and our clients,” stated Oleh Hrycko, H&A eDiscovery President. “Arbor Ridge Partners’ experience and knowledge of the Litigation Support and eDiscovery industry was invaluable. They understood our particular goals and objectives and provided options that were spot on and with exceptional guidance, communication, and counsel.”

The Most Popular Providers? A Running eDiscovery Aggregation from ALM Reader Ranking Surveys

The “Best Of” reader ranking surveys were developed by ALM, an information and intelligence company, to help lawyers identify the finest legal products and service providers and to showcase the top selections in an annual edition of one of fourteen surveys. Each survey has multiple categories of products and services presented for consideration, with a subset of categories (survey questions) from each survey that directly or indirectly pertain to the eDiscovery ecosystem. The purpose of this aggregate listing is to highlight leading eDiscovery providers as determined by online voting in ALM “Best Of” surveys between September 2017 and today.

EY to Acquire Pangea3 Business from Thomson Reuters

EY and Thomson Reuters today announced an agreement for the acquisition of the Thomson Reuters Pangea3 Legal Managed Services (LMS) business by various firms in the EY network. The acquisition will greatly enhance EY technology-enabled legal managed services in the three core areas of contract lifecycle management, regulatory risk and compliance, and investigations and litigation.

Epiq Acquires Canadian-Based H&A eDiscovery

Epiq announced today that it has acquired H&A eDiscovery, a leading Canadian eDiscovery and litigation support firm. H&A eDiscovery will immediately begin operating under the Epiq brand.  

Sonasoft Signs LOI to Acquire Two AI Companies

Sonasoft Corp., a leader in innovative eDiscovery and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, has announced that it has signed a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to acquire E-Connect Software, Inc. and OPtimAIze, Inc., along with all related interests and assets. E-Connect Software, Inc. is an AI consulting firm and OPtimAIze, Inc. is an AI company that specializes in artificial intelligence for information technology operations (AIOps).

Law Enforcement, Digital Data, and Mobile Devices

In 2017, global mobile devices and connections grew to 8.6 billion, and it is estimated that global mobile device traffic will reach almost one zettabyte annually by 2022. These mobile-centric data points coupled with the fact that 85% of criminal investigations include some form of digital data highlight the importance for data and legal discovery practitioners to have a working understanding of how the global law enforcement community considers digital data and devices in their investigative efforts.