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From De-Identification to Re-Identification: Considering Personal Data Protection

The recently published research paper “Estimating the Success of Re-identifications in Incomplete Datasets Using Generative Models” shows how the likelihood of a specific individual to have been correctly re-identified can be estimated with high accuracy even when an anonymized dataset is heavily incomplete. The presented results reject the claims that, first, re-identification is not a practical risk and, second, sampling or releasing partial datasets provide plausible deniability. Moving forward, the results also question whether current de-identification practices satisfy the anonymization standards of modern data protection laws such as GDPR and CCPA and emphasize the need to move, from a legal and regulatory perspective, beyond the de-identification release-and-forget model.

Guidehouse to Acquire Navigant Consulting, Inc. for $1.1 Billion

“The combination of Navigant and Guidehouse will create a powerful, global consulting organization characterized by deep industry expertise and leading technical know-how. Our companies are aligned with similar cultures and strong core values. Through the integration of our two firms, our employees will enjoy expanded growth opportunities, and our combined clients will access a wider array of expertise, tools, and technologies to help them achieve their goals.”

A Quick Look at eDiscovery Industry Kinetics: Four Areas of Interest

From ACEDS, ACC and ILTA to Chambers, ClariLegal, and CLOC, there are many excellent resources for considering the business of eDiscovery. Analyst firms, associations, companies, and consortiums are chock full of industry data and details that may be helpful for building a comprehensive understanding of the business of eDiscovery. In this article ComplexDiscovery shares four resources that may be useful in considering the past, current, and future market kinetics of the business of eDiscovery.

The SHIELD is Now Up: New Legislation To Protect New Yorkers Against Data Security Breaches

“As technology seeps into practically every aspect of our daily lives, it is increasingly critical that we do everything we can to ensure the information that companies are trusted with is secure,” Governor Cuomo said. “The stark reality is security breaches are becoming more frequent and with this legislation New York is taking steps to increase protections for consumers and holding these companies accountable when they mishandle sensitive data.”

Legility Acquires eDiscovery Company iControlESI

With the acquisition, Legility assumes iControlESI’s two leading technology platforms: RECENSEO, a highly functional hosting and review platform, and ENVIZE, an AI/Predictive Analytics tool that is integrated with the widely used Relativity platform.

Proceed with Caution? Eighteen Observations on eDiscovery Business Confidence in the Summer of 2019

In the summer of 2019, only 39.9% of eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey respondents feel that business climate conditions will be better in six months. This is approximately the same percentage (40.0%) of respondents who in the spring of 2019 felt the business conditions would be better in six months. However, it is the lowest rating in this area since the inception of the survey and may indicate a continued cautiousness about future business conditions.

An Unfiltered EDRM Announcement: A Change in Strategic Leadership

At EDRM, [Jim Waldron] has been instrumental in helping to strengthen EDRM as a bridge among the judiciary, the legal profession, and the academy and led creative efforts to deepen awareness and understanding of e-discovery and the ways in which technology is transforming the practice of law.

Pivotal Announces Acquisitions of Strategic Legal Solutions and Compiled by KLDiscovery

“These transactions represent significant milestones for our company as we grow our business and expand our Information Governance and eDiscovery software offerings,” said Chris Weiler, CEO of KLD. “Strategic Legal Solutions’ robust client base will now have access to KLD’s extensive platform and Compiled’s ReadySuite offering will provide additional flexibility in how we address the industry’s unique data management needs. Together, these acquisitions broaden our customer base with the addition of key client relationships, strengthen our end-to-end technology platform and provide significant revenue opportunities for the future.”

EU Data Protection and Policy: Considering Artificial Intelligence

As AI gains strategic importance, it is essential to shape global rules for its development and use. In promoting the development and uptake of AI, the European Commission has opted for a human-centric approach, meaning that AI applications must comply with fundamental rights. In this context, the rules laid down in the GDPR provide a general framework and contain specific obligations and rights that are particularly relevant for the processing of personal data in AI.

An Unfiltered ACEDS Announcement: A Change in Executive Leadership

The consistent and comprehensive contribution of Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad to the eDiscovery ecosystem is both notable and enviable, and the positive impact of their dedication and hard work for ACEDS and its members has directly resulted in the increased influence and ongoing relevance of ACEDS on the practice of eDiscovery around the world.