Innovation and Blockchain: Practical Considerations for Legal Technology Leaders

In 2019, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will continue to occupy a prominent role in conversations about transformative innovation in the practice of law. In her recent article on blockchain published by Above The Law, strategist, author, and speaker Olga Mack highlights some critical considerations for innovative leaders working with these disruptive technologies.


eDiscovery and the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC) appears to provide an excellent and collaborative forum for legal industry professionals, to include those in the eDiscovery ecosystem, seeking to learn, develop, and deploy blockchain-centric solutions and services.


How Distributed Ledger Technology Might Influence eDiscovery

Attorneys now need to recognize blockchain transactions as a source of ESI that needs to be considered in preparing and responding to discovery requests, in the same manner as text, social media, and other electronic data sources.

This Is Your Company on Blockchain

True believers say blockchain could reduce the need for businesses to organize as companies, which get work done via command and control. Using blockchain, they say, collaborators will be able to work together as free agents instead of under a hierarchy of bosses.

Linking Up Blockchain and Data Integration

Although there is a lot of hype around Blockchain, most organizations are experimenting with data integration standards, as well as the technology. The ability to distribute data using Blockchain fits the standards criteria of many organizations, and use cases are beginning to appear.