The Fabric of Digital Marketing: A Concise List of Tools

When considering leaders for an organization’s marketing efforts, it is important to evaluate not only that leader’s understanding of digital marketing tactics, techniques, and tools, but it is also equally important to assess that leader’s ability to execute, not just talk, about digital marketing programs.

Leveraging Social Media? Reach, Inform, Engage, and Encourage

In today’s “sound-bite” environment in which professional organizations compete for client attention through a variety of communications conduits, it is increasingly important to consider and evaluate the potentially powerful benefits of new social media tools. However, to properly leverage their benefits, one must also understand that these new tools are just that –– tools.

The NLRB Continues to Monitor Social Media Policies

“The NLRB’s efforts to protect social media communications by employees has been picking up steam for several years, dating back at least to 2012. Since that time, numerous NLRB actions, including the Chipotle case, have made it clear that polices containing broad restrictions on employee social media use or vague or undefined definitions of restricted behavior will likely be problematic.”