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August 21, 2023 Update

Vendor Voices in eDiscovery: Artificial Intelligence, Acquisitions, and ILTACON Announcements

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HaystackID® Appoints John Brewer as Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

HaystackID, a specialized eDiscovery services firm, has announced the appointment of John Brewer as its Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO). The move emphasizes the firm’s commitment to responsible and reasoned integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the legal technology services industry. With two decades of experience in AI, Brewer’s leadership will further position HaystackID as an industry innovator, reflecting a strategy to maximize opportunities while adhering to high standards of responsibility and trust.

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Enhancing Client Results with L2 Services: Comprehensive eDiscovery Document Review Solutions

In the complex world of legal proceedings, eDiscovery document review plays an essential role. L2 Services’ offerings in this domain are designed to enhance client results through precision, efficiency, and innovation. We focus on three primary areas of service: Advanced Predictive Coding, Secure Review Hosting, and Review Staffing and Management.

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Introducing the Kelvin Legal DataPack, the Largest Legal Training Dataset

2023 is the year that generative AI went mainstream, with hundreds of millions of users exploring models like ChatGPT, Bard, and Llama. After observing these capabilities and achievements like GPT-4 passing the Bar Exam, many leading legal organizations have begun to explore how to invoke generative AI models – or even build their own.

In support of these efforts, 273 Ventures, the company behind the Kelvin Legal Data OS, is announcing the Kelvin Legal DataPack – a dataset containing over 150B tokens of foundational legal, regulatory, and financial text that can be leveraged to support organizations across their AI journey.

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Level Legal Enhances Portfolio with Acquisition of PC Forensics: A Strategic Integration of Award-Winning Digital Forensics

The acquisition of PC Forensics by Level Legal, announced on August 15, 2023, represents a significant development in the legal services industry. By integrating PC Forensics’ award-winning digital collection and forensics expertise, Level Legal is set to broaden its portfolio of services, including eDiscovery, managed review, consulting, and now forensics. This article delves into the details of the acquisition, the key players, and its relevance to legal professionals.

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Nebula and Client Portal: Key Drivers of KLDiscovery’s Q2 2023 Success

KLDiscovery Inc., a leading global provider of electronic discovery, information governance, and data recovery technology solutions, has recently announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2023. This announcement is significant to cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals as it highlights the company’s financial growth, strategic advancements, and technological innovations. The results demonstrate a 20% increase in revenue, a 58% improvement in net loss, and considerable growth in EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA, reflecting the company’s strong competitive position in the market.

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Everlaw Survey Reveals a Strong Willingness for Legal Teams to Embrace Generative AI Even as 72% Warn the Industry Is Not Ready for its Impacts

 Everlaw, the cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, published today 2023 Ediscovery Innovation Report.” It reveals the legal industry’s fast-growing demand for generative AI: 40% of legal professionals surveyed say they are already using gen AI tools or planning to do so in the future. Yet, 72% voiced concerns that the legal industry is not ready for the impacts.

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Relativity Announces Launch of Relativity Contracts at ILTACON 2023

Relativity, a global legal technology company, today announced at ILTACON 2023 the launch of Relativity Contracts (Contracts), Relativity’s integrated solution for contract analysis available in RelativityOne. Contracts allows users to glean actionable insights when analyzing agreements to meet changing regulatory requirements, realize business value and reduce legal risk.  

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Altumatim Unveils AI-Powered Autonomous Review for the Legal Profession

Altumatim, an emerging technology company, unveils the legal profession’s first review process entirely powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI). This significant development in the eDiscovery field introduces a solution that offers a marked advancement in document review. Industry experts highlight its unprecedented speed, accuracy, and defensibility, positioning it as a potential game-changer for legal professionals and those relying on intricate document analysis.

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Gulfstream Legal Group Launches Master Tools to Improve eDiscovery Workflows and Efficiency

 Gulfstream Legal Group, a respected litigation support company with specialties in eDiscovery and Records Retrieval/Court Reporting, today announces the launch of the first two of their Master Tools products, created to help ease eDiscovery workflows and improve overall efficiency. Priv Log Master saves time by automatically extracting and populating privilege log fields with critical document information from email threads. DAT Master allows users to review the contents of load files directly and effortlessly, such as DAT files, without any specialized tools or data conversion.

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Ari Kaplan Advisors Releases Results of 9th Annual E-Discovery Unfiltered Report on Legal Technology Vendors and Industry Trends

Ari Kaplan Advisors, a leading legal industry advisory company, released its 9th annual E-Discovery Unfiltered: A Survey of Current Trends and Candid Perspectives report, which features insights from corporate legal department and law firm leaders about 23 e-discovery vendors* and the most meaningful changes in the sector. The report highlights the focus on technology-driven efficiency, innovative talent deployment strategies, the ever-changing data management challenges, and the ways that legal teams are addressing the swift emergence of artificial intelligence.

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ProSearch Introduces Discovery Review Services Leveraging Data Science and Generative AI

ProSearch, a leading provider of comprehensive discovery and compliance solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms, today announced a new review services offering that uses innovative solutions in AI and data science to address the complexity and cost of legal discovery. The new Review Services model, which uses the latest advances in LLMs and AI, serves as a force multiplier for ProSearch’s acclaimed approach to aggressive reduction in review volumes.

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Consilio Targets Global Growth with Acquisition of Lawyers On Demand and SYKE

Consilio, a global leader in legal technology and enterprise services, has announced its intention to acquire Lawyers On Demand (LOD) and SYKE. This acquisition not only expands Consilio’s reach into new regions but also adds a diverse and flexible talent pool of over 4,500 legal professionals. The addition of LOD and SYKE will bolster Consilio’s Enterprise Legal Services business across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia, making it an important event in Consilio’s global growth plans. The acquisition reflects the industry’s ongoing transformation as firms seek to adapt to a changing legal services environment.

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HBR Consulting, LAC Group, and Wilson Allen Relaunch as Harbor

HBR Consulting, LAC Group, and Wilson Allen today announced the launch of Harbor, an expert services provider across strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence. Following the integration of the three companies and several key acquisitions, Harbor comes to market as a single entity serving law firms, corporations, and their law departments. With 650+ strategists, technologists, and specialists around the world, Harbor is unique in the depth, breadth, and scope of its expertise, as well as its focus on the legal industry. Harbor has also launched its new brand identity at its website, harborglobal.com.

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Embracing AI’s Potential: DISCO’s Survey on Generative AI Adoption

In an era marked by technological innovation, generative AI stands as a critical frontier, particularly in regulated sectors like legal, healthcare, education, and finance. DISCO, a forerunner in AI-enabled legal technology, initiated a comprehensive study analyzing contrasting sentiments on generative AI among 1,000 U.S.-based adults. This research offers valuable insights for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals, laying down a path for future generative AI growth, focusing on privacy, governance, and ethical considerations.

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Leveraging Generative AI for Efficient Legal Workflows: Introducing EverlawAI Assistant

As legal teams face increasing complexities in managing and reviewing documents, technological innovation is paving the way for a more efficient future. Everlaw, a reputable name in the field of cloud-native investigation and litigation, introduces its latest game-changer – the EverlawAI Assistant. This tool harnesses the potential of generative AI to offer significant time-saving advantages and streamline legal workflows. It aids in accelerating document review, assembling narratives, and even providing writing assistance. Built on Everlaw’s secure platform, it promises enhanced productivity in the vast legal services market. The application of AI in such a transformative manner has positive implications for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals as it provides a more robust, reliable, and efficient system to manage legal data.

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Drowning in Data Diversity? The Growing Business Impact of Increasing Data Types

The understanding of business impact areas and the sentiment related to their potential impact in the next six months serves as a compass for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals. It informs strategy, enhances preparedness, ensures compliance, optimizes efficiency, facilitates risk management, and fosters innovation. It’s not merely a reflection of the current state but a predictive tool that guides future actions, ensuring that organizations remain agile, compliant, and competitive in a dynamically changing business environment.

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Strategic AI Integration: A New Era for Legal Tech in Emerging Europe 

Emerging Europe’s legal industry stands on the brink of a transformative era as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (GAI) integration become a strategic imperative. These innovations are no longer mere buzzwords but essential components driving change and efficiency within the legal tech landscape. 

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Considering Remote Mobile Data Collection? ModeOne Releases Android Version 2.0

ModeOne Technologies has announced the worldwide release of Android Version 2.0, a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) framework designed to automate and expedite the collection and analysis of data from Android devices. This new release offers features such as cable-free collection and a Collection Progress Dashboard, promising a more efficient and secure process. The article explores how ModeOne’s Android Version 2.0 offers a novel solution for data collection, particularly significant for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals.

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The Equitable Paradox: Private Equity and its Implications for Emerging Europe

Private equity (PE) has become a symbol of investment opportunity, promising transformation for companies aiming to scale, innovate, or recover.

This allure has not escaped emerging European nations, considering it a vehicle for funding growth in new and existing businesses. Yet, beneath the equitable facade lies a complex paradox that reveals a contrasting reality, one that emerging Europe must navigate with caution. 

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Casepoint Announces Launch of DataSite, a New Cloud-Based Data Storage Solution

Casepoint — the industry leader in legal discovery technology for litigation, investigations, and compliance — today announced the official launch of DataSite, a cloud-based data storage and staging solution. DataSite enables corporations, law firms, and government agencies to move data seamlessly between the Casepoint Platform and DataSite, forming a secure, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to on-premises data storage solutions.

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DISCO Showcases Product Momentum and Expansive Vision Designed to Accelerate AI Innovation at ILTACON

DISCO, a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, announced today the launch of AI Timelines as part of DISCO Case Builder.  AI Timelines is a new feature designed to automatically generate timelines by uploading preexisting legal documents including formal complaints, review protocols, or internal memos. AI Timelines is intended to automate previously tedious and time-consuming tasks in order to facilitate the handling of complex client disputes, allowing legal professionals to focus more on the work that matters the most. 

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