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Complete Legal

Vendor Name: Complete Legal

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Phone: 913-297-1730

Address: 5909 Martway St, Mission, KS 66202

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Company Description:
Complete Legal specializes in the integrated management of litigation and information lifecycles, from discovery to destruction, to achieve optimal outcomes for litigation and business. As a premium provider of discovery litigation and business support services, Complete Legal offers expertise in paper digitization and ESI data formats, supporting law firms, legal departments, and businesses. Their services are designed to organize, normalize, analyze, and explore data for actionable insight and intelligence, leveraging proven speed, precision, and completeness.


  • Discovery
  • Digitization
  • Trial Support
  • Management Discovery and Litigation Support
  • Preservation and Collection
  • Ingestion
  • File Processing
  • Document Review
  • Document Production
  • Defensible Disposition
  • Scanning
  • Coding
  • OCR Reproduction and Reprographics
  • Presentation


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