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eDiscovery for Sale? The eDiscovery Pricing Survey (Winter 2020)

Based on the complexity of data and legal discovery, it is a continual challenge to fully understand what is representative of industry-standard pricing for the delivery of eDiscovery products and services. With this challenge in mind, the semi-annual eDiscovery Pricing Survey is designed to provide insight into eDiscovery pricing through the lens of 15 specific pricing questions answered by legal, information technology, and business professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

A Macro Look at Past and Projected eDiscovery Market Size from 2012 to 2024

From a macro look at past estimations of eDiscovery market size from 2012 through 2019, and projected estimations of market size for 2020 through 2024, we see strong and consistent double-digit growth rates for the market as a whole as well as for both services and software segments.

[E-Discovery Day Educational Webcast] Advanced Legal Hold Tips: Taking Your Preservation Process to the Next Level

In this eDiscovery Day educational panel led by industry experts to include Tanya Cohen (University of Colorado), Gary Soliman (State Compensation Insurance Fund), and David Rohde (Epiq), presenters will share how legal professionals are leveraging new techniques and technology to automate, scope and track preservation activities, empowering them to know more sooner and reduce e-discovery expenditures.

A Pivotal (and KLD) Announcement: $150 Million Backstop Commitment and Stockholder Meeting Date

“This financing will substantially increase cash flow and enable KLD to reignite its acquisition program,” said Jon Ledecky, Pivotal’s Chief Executive Officer. “I am excited to work with KLD CEO Chris Weiler and his talented management team to pursue new business opportunities and leverage Pivotal’s corporate and legal community network.”

[E-Discovery Day Educational Webcast] The State of E-Discovery 2019

In this eDiscovery Day educational panel with eDiscovery experts including US Judge Michelle Childs (District of S.C.), Deana Uhl (FTI Technology), and Nishad Shevde (Exterro), presenters will take a comprehensive look back at the last year in eDiscovery and share best practices for managing eDiscovery processes in an effective and efficient manner throughout your legal department.

An eDiscovery Market Size Mashup: 2019-2024 Worldwide Software and Services Overview

While the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for worldwide eDiscovery software and services slows, the overall size of the market continues to grow with estimates for the overall market to exceed $20B in 2024. This year’s annual eDiscovery Market Size Mashup estimates the combined worldwide eDiscovery software and services market spend in 2019 to be approximately $11.23B, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 12.93% to $20.63B by 2024.

OpenText to Acquire Carbonite

“The Carbonite Board conducted a thorough and comprehensive process, which included contact with a number of strategic and financial parties, to identify the best way to maximize shareholder value,” said Steve Munford, Interim Chief Executive Officer and President/Executive Chairman of the Board of Carbonite. “The Board strongly believes that a transaction with OpenText delivers compelling, immediate and substantial cash value to shareholders.”

Opening the Black Box? A New E-Discovery Processing Primer by Craig Ball

Recently eDiscovery expert Craig Ball published a thorough and thoughtful primer that seeks to describe and demystify many of the “black box” tasks that constitute eDiscovery processing. From bits and bytes to hashing and deduplication, Craig’s new primer is a concise and cogent guide that will benefit anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the important eDiscovery phase of processing.