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Editor’s Note: Welcome to “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery,” a regular and trusted waypoint within the rapidly changing landscape of eDiscovery. Here, we carefully curate and distill the core essence of recent press releases and articles from selected vendors that are integral to this continually evolving ecosystem. In each Vendor Voices segment, we strive to present concise summaries, key insights, and emerging industry trends, enabling you to hear directly from the source – the eDiscovery vendors themselves. Our aim is to cut through the noise of the bustling eDiscovery domain, extracting relevant details and transforming them into an easily digestible format. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned eDiscovery veteran navigating the shifting sands of the industry, or a newcomer trying to get your bearings in this complex landscape, “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery” serves as your dependable resource.

December 15, 2023, Update

Vendor Voices in eDiscovery: From No-Poach Prosecution and Industry Hires to AI Ethics and eDiscovery Pricing

ComplexDiscovery Staff

Array Continues Growth Spree with LSi Acquisition, Expanding Services into the Mountain West

Array, a prominent nationwide litigation support firm, recently announced its acquisition of Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSi), further cementing its position as a key player in the legal tech ecosystem. LSi, headquartered in Denver, is recognized for its comprehensive litigation solutions, including eDiscovery, trial and deposition support, document scanning, and collections and forensics services. This acquisition not only broadens Array’s service offerings but also extends its geographical footprint into the Mountain West, a region where LSi has established a strong reputation.

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APT Launches Data Capture Phase for Annual Legal Tech Salary Survey

Legal technology professionals now have an opportunity to contribute salary details and perspectives to the 2024 Legal Tech Salary Survey conducted by APT, a legal tech recruiting specialist. This input is critical for shaping the industry’s leading compensation guidepost. Robust participation from cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery experts will help provide accurate insights into niche salary norms. Access to the proprietary results will also equip contributors with data to optimize salaries and foster crucial pay transparency in traditionally opaque legal tech specialties.

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Bravo! Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad Honored with Prestigious Gayle O’Connor Spirit Award

Heartfelt congratulations to Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad on being named the 2023 recipients of the esteemed Gayle O’Connor Spirit Award. This honor celebrates professionals who epitomize Gayle’s vibrant spirit through their outstanding contributions to the eDiscovery, legal technology, and information governance communities. Mary and Kaylee’s tireless efforts to raise awareness, establish best practices, and inspire positive change echo Gayle O’Connor’s passionate service. Their enthusiastic leadership educates peers while bringing people together. Like Gayle, they dance to the beat of their own drummers with an indomitable verve that uplifts everyone.

We deeply appreciate Mary and Kaylee’s commitment to advancing our shared mission. Their spirit of collegiality and inspirational attitudes make them tremendously deserving honorees. Just as Gayle brightened lives through her singular energy, Mary and Kaylee radiate positivity while bettering our industry.

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Litigation Services Leader Greg Mazares Joins Purpose Legal as CEO

Purpose Legal, a premier litigation services and legal tech provider, has brought on Greg Mazares as its new Chief Executive Officer to spearhead the company’s next chapter of growth. With over 40 years of executive experience including leadership roles across the professional services and legal sectors, Mazares has a proven track record when it comes to expanding teams, revenue streams and profitability.

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From White House to HaystackID: Shawn Belovich’s New Chapter in Cybersecurity

In a significant move within the cybersecurity sector, HaystackID, a company specializing in eDiscovery services, has announced the appointment of Shawn Belovich as its Senior Vice President of Digital Forensics and Cyber Incident Response. Belovich, formerly serving as the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at the White House, brings a wealth of experience from both public and private sectors, positioning HaystackID to enhance its capabilities in addressing increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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DOJ Retreat Sounds Alarm Bells for No-Poach Prosecution

While much of the spotlight on no-poach agreements has centered on franchising and fast food sectors so far, these unfolding legal issues have critical implications for employer-employee relationships in the eDiscovery ecosystem as well. The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) recent decision to voluntarily dismiss a criminal no-poach antitrust case against Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) has sparked widespread discussion regarding the future enforcement of no-poach agreements. This move came on the heels of a series of acquittals in similar cases, illustrating the challenges that federal prosecutors face in criminal antitrust convictions, particularly under the per se antitrust standard typically applied in price fixing or market allocation schemes.

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KLDiscovery Achieves Significant Milestone with Full Integration of All Back-Office and Operational Systems

After a period of rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions from 2013 to 2020, KLDiscovery undertook an ambitious initiative to optimize its business by consolidating and connecting operations. The goals were to enhance client experiences through improved information flow, increased automation, and complete transparency. Today, KLDiscovery announced the full integration of all back-office systems and processes – completing the multi-year transformation to a streamlined operating environment.

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DISCO Taps Cooley for Investor Lawsuit After Kiwi Camara Exit

Legal tech leader CS Disco has tapped premier law firm Cooley to defend against a recent shareholder lawsuit alleging misleading financial reporting. The suit comes on the heels of former CEO and Harvard Law prodigy Kiwi Camara’s departure from the company. Complex litigation specialist Aric Wu, a Cooley partner renowned for high-stakes disputes, will represent Disco along with Camara and CFO Michael Lafair. Filed in September, the putative class action accuses the trio of obscuring Disco’s financial struggles leading investors astray. With its December 1st appearance in the case, the experienced Cooley team signals Disco’s intent to vigorously contest the claims.

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DISCO Publicly Launches Cecilia, an AI-Powered Platform for Legal Professionals to Transform their Workflows and Accelerate Fact Finding

DISCO, a leading provider of AI-powered legal technology, has launched its groundbreaking Cecilia AI platform to transform the way legal teams access and manage case information. Now commercially available, Cecilia represents the next generation of AI that takes advantage of generative models in a secure, ethical manner – unleashing new possibilities for enhanced efficiency and better outcomes.

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Nebula® Achieves Significant Growth Across the Global eDiscovery Landscape

KLDiscovery’s flagship eDiscovery product, Nebula, has seen remarkable success and growth over the past year. Driven by unwavering investment and a focus on customer needs, Nebula continues to see major advancements that lead to increasing adoption within the legal community. In the third quarter of 2023, Nebula hit new highs across several key metrics compared to the same time last year. The number of customers relying on Nebula for legal and compliance matters is up 11% to 1,682 organizations worldwide. Nebula’s global user base has expanded significantly as well, growing 20% to 4,892 active users leveraging the platform.

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Right Discovery Welcomes Kevin Clark as New CEO

Right Discovery announced the appointment of Kevin M. Clark as its new Chief Executive Officer. A seasoned veteran in the legal technology realm, Kevin has an expansive career portfolio, spanning over two decades across various esteemed law firms and legal service providers.

“Kevin’s appointment as CEO marks a new chapter for Right Discovery. His extensive experience and strategic approach in the legal technology field align with our vision for growth and innovation. Kevin’s leadership and expertise are key to our mission of delivering superior solutions to our clients in this rapidly evolving sector,” said Chairman and Founder Roshen Royce, of Right Discovery.

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Shaping eDiscovery Strategies: Winter 2024 Pricing Report

The Winter 2024 eDiscovery Pricing Survey, executed by ComplexDiscovery OÜ and drawing on the perspectives of 76 industry professionals, offers a thorough and focused analysis of the prevailing pricing trends within the eDiscovery ecosystem. This survey, part of an ongoing series since 2019, has successfully built a comprehensive data set with contributions from 837 individual responses across eleven surveys. It meticulously explores the pricing intricacies associated with key eDiscovery tasks, including collection, processing, and review. Each task segment reveals its own unique trends and challenges, reflecting the diverse and complex nature of eDiscovery work.

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J.S. Held Expands Digital Investigations & Discovery Practice in Europe & the Asia Pacific

Global consulting firm J.S. Held announces the expansion of the Digital Investigations & Discovery team in Europe and the Asia Pacific with the addition of four experts – Chantelle JallandBenjamin GuinardMarybeth Kings, and Mayank Sharma, who join Senior Managing Director Simon Placks. J.S. Held’s Digital Investigations & Discovery (DI&D) team preserves and investigates data, providing forensic analysis, hosted document review, data analytics, and information governance consulting. 

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CloudNine Nominated for Four Awards in New York Law Journal’s Best of Award Program

eDiscovery leader CloudNine has received high praise for its solutions and services, securing nominations in four categories for the National Law Journal’s coveted “Best of” awards. With its innovative technology and commitment to superior service, CloudNine has cemented itself as a premier provider for the legal sector. CloudNine was nominated for Best End-to-End eDiscovery Solution Provider in recognition of its complete eDiscovery platform that allows organizations to efficiently handle everything from legal hold through production. The company was also nominated for Best Managed eDiscovery and Litigation Support Service Provider for its trusted managed services offering tailored to each client’s needs.Additionally, CloudNine’s advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities earned nominations for having the Best Technology Assisted Review Solution for efficiently sifting through documents. And demonstrating its comprehensive support, the company was nominated for Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Firm for helping legal teams with their complete workflow.

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Announcing the 2024 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards Finalists

The 2024 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards honor innovation and achievements across law firms, legal departments, and tech providers. After extensive consideration, a shortlist of finalists was selected from many impressive nominees by the judging panel, who will now closely evaluate entries to choose winners demonstrating the best in legal technology innovation. Final winners across all areas will be announced live at a January 29th ceremony held alongside the 2024 Legalweek conference in New York.

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Emerging Markets, Cloud Migration Set to Boost eDiscovery Adoption 

According to the latest forecast analysis, spending on solutions facilitating investigation and litigation of digital information for legal and compliance purposes will rise at a compound annual rate exceeding eight percent through 2028. Developed markets have hitherto dominated eDiscovery spending. However, the portion claimed by the combined Rest of World (ROW) region, encompassing emerging European countries alongside other geographies, is set to grow markedly over the coming five years. 

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Epiq Canada growing from e-discovery to Data Management, Analytics, Consulting, and AI Implementation

As it commemorates its tenth anniversary in the country, Epiq Canada’s managing director, Tiana Van Dyk, says the legal tech company is expanding its offerings beyond e-discovery and document review to include legal transformation services, strategic data management and analytics and consulting and implementation services around artificial intelligence technologies. Like law firms, the company also plans to shift to an industry-focused approach.

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PLUSnxt Adds Relativity Contracts to Legal Tech Stack

 PLUSnxt, a leading electronic discovery services and solutions provider, today announced that it has added Relativity Contracts (Contracts), Relativity’s integrated solution for contract analysis available in RelativityOne, to its legal tech stack. Incorporating Contracts allows PLUSnxt to optimize the contract review process with a best-in-class viewer and powerful workflows.

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Law In Order Wins the Seventeenth 2023 LawTech Summit Supplier of the Year

Law In Order has won the seventeenth 2023 Lawtech Summit Supplier of the Year. Honoring suppliers driving the future of technology in legal services, the award recognizes the company’s business as Australia’s leading legal tech solution provider, transforming the competitive landscape with innovative technologies, platforms, and services.

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The Next Era of eDiscovery: Embracing Advanced Capabilities for a Comprehensive Digital Landscape

Microsoft announces several new features and upgrades to Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium). By leveraging cutting-edge search, analytics, and review functionality, the latest release helps organizations stay ahead of the curve. With comprehensive coverage powered by integrated systems, Purview eDiscovery enables users to pinpoint relevant information across diverse datasets with agility and precision. Even in today’s complex digital universe, the truth is out there – with the right tools, finding it has never been easier. The newest iteration of Microsoft Purview eDiscovery sets a new standard for uncovering facts and ensuring justice through industry-leading eDiscovery.

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General Counsel Report from FTI Consulting and Relativity Reveals Declining Risk Preparedness Across Global Corporate Legal Departments

The role of corporate legal teams is rapidly transforming in today’s complex risk landscape. As emerging technologies and evolving regulations disrupt old ways of working, general counsel face new challenges – and opportunities. That’s according to fresh research from FTI Consulting and Relativity, who today announced findings from an in-depth survey of chief legal officers worldwide.

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Navigating New Frontiers: California’s AI Ethics Guidelines for Legal Practice

The State Bar of California, known for its commitment to protecting the public through the regulation of attorneys, has taken a significant step in addressing the burgeoning role of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in legal practice. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI technologies, the Bar’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct has released a detailed set of guidelines, aiming to ensure that attorneys harness these tools without compromising their ethical obligations.

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[Webcast Transcript] Avoiding the Traps and Perils of Engaging in High-Profile/Public Figure Cases Successfully

Recently, HaystackID hosted a compelling webcast, “Avoiding the Traps and Perils of Engaging in High-Profile/Public Figure Cases Successfully,” featuring presenters John Wilson and Rene Novoa. This webcast provided valuable insights for cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals supporting high-profile investigations. A transcript of the webcast is provided, focusing on recommendations for preparing for and executing eDiscovery projects related to prominent public figures or sensitive, high-profile cases. With reputation and high stakes on the line, these matters warrant thoughtful strategies to handle added pressures and evolving timelines.

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Pinsent Masons Selects The Professional Alternative As Their Learning and Development Partner

Multinational law firm Pinsent Masons has selected The Professional Alternative to deliver digital skills training, personal development, and operational best practice training to all of its people.

The Professional Alternative will provide digital skills training and personal development training to support all their people in developing their careers, ensuring everyone at all levels will have access to personal development and digital skills training on the go!

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EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act: A Model for Responsible AI

In a landmark decision, the European Union has reached a provisional agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act, setting the first comprehensive rules for AI globally. This pivotal framework, a result of intense three-day negotiations, aims to ensure AI systems used in the EU are safe, ethical, and respect fundamental rights, while also encouraging investment and innovation in AI. Carme Artigas, the Spanish Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, hailed the agreement as a historic achievement that addresses the challenges of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The Act carefully balances the need for technological advancement with the protection of citizens’ rights and values.

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The Next Five Years in eDiscovery: Market Size Forecast for 2023-2028

Within this report lies a nuanced forecast of the eDiscovery market, suggesting its course from 2023 to 2028. While the detailed analysis meticulously outlines the growth in aggregate and across distinct segments, an underlying theme resonates throughout the advent of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and its anticipated influence on the sector. Although not explicitly detailed in each section, the implications of GenAI’s transformative power are woven into the fabric of the report’s projections. It is an invisible yet potent force expected to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation within eDiscovery.

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Stay Ahead in 2024: A Concise List of eDiscovery Events

In 2024, legal, business, and information technology professionals navigating the evolving workplace and workspace environments can leverage this concise list of eDiscovery-related events, conferences, and meetings as a starting point to explore education, awareness, and demand-generation opportunities in the realms of cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery. This curated list, while not exhaustive, offers a variety of events catering to diverse interests and needs within the eDiscovery community, providing a platform for learning, networking, and showcasing products and services.

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Understanding the Market Pulse: November 2023 HSR Transactions and Their Economic Context

November 2023 emerges as a key month in the landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as indicated by the Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) Act transaction data. This period, characterized by 204 reported transactions, marks a significant point in the economic narrative of 2023, especially when juxtaposed against the backdrop of the U.S. economic performance in the third quarter. The interplay between the HSR transaction data and key economic indicators such as GDP growth and corporate profits offers insightful perspectives for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery.

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[November/December 2023 Update] Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide – Online Knowledge Base

Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive and credible resources for legal and IT professionals seeking to understand and apply eDisclosure and eDiscovery concepts, processes, techniques, and tools. The Guide covers a wide range of topics, including the EDRM, industry approaches, and vendor capabilities.

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