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Content Assessment: Vendor Voices in eDiscovery: From EDRM and LLM to M&A and FTK



A short assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent Vendor Voices in eDiscovery update on selected industry press announcement and articles as highlighted by ComplexDiscovery.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery,” a regular and trusted waypoint within the rapidly changing landscape of eDiscovery. Here, we carefully curate and distill the core essence of recent press releases and articles from selected vendors that are integral to this continually evolving ecosystem. In each Vendor Voices segment, we strive to present concise summaries, key insights, and emerging industry trends, enabling you to hear directly from the source – the eDiscovery vendors themselves. Our aim is to cut through the noise of the bustling eDiscovery domain, extracting relevant details and transforming them into an easily digestible format. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned eDiscovery veteran navigating the shifting sands of the industry, or a newcomer trying to get your bearings in this complex landscape, “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery” serves as your dependable resource.

October 18, 2023 Update

Vendor Voices in eDiscovery: From EDRM and LLM to M&A and FTK

ComplexDiscovery Staff

EDRM Privilege Log Protocol Finalized after Public Comments

Leading the way for global best practices in e-discovery the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to release the final version of its Privilege Log Protocol after a lengthy period of public comment with both plaintiffs and defense, requesting parties and receiving parties collaborating on the consensus document.

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Harbor Acquires Legal Management Consulting Team from Stout

 Harbor, an expert services provider to the legal industry, today announced its acquisition of the Legal Management Consulting practice from Stout, a global investment bank and advisory firm. The addition of the Stout team will enable Harbor to deliver advisory services and managed services for e-discovery, legal holds and data management to both corporate law departments and law firms. The acquisition also bolsters Harbor’s capabilities in enterprise legal management (ELM), contract lifecycle management (CLM), and other corporate legal operations, as well as technology assessments.

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It’s a Festivus Miracle! Relativity Debuts New AI Solutions at Annual Conference

Legal technology leader Relativity unveiled new artificial intelligence capabilities this week aimed at transforming legal discovery and investigations for its users. The AI-powered products were announced during the company’s 14th annual Relativity Fest user conference.

The highlight was Relativity aiR for Review, the company’s first tool leveraging the GPT-4 natural language model. Built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI, aiR for Review analyzes legal documents and highlights the most important information to aid human reviewers.

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eDiscovery Assistant Introduces Game-Changing AI Tool

eDiscovery Assistant and CEO Kelly Twigger have a history of pioneering legal tech innovation. With the unveiling of AI-generated case law summaries, they have introduced an important new capability for legal discovery experts. The summaries leverage natural language processing to provide concise insights from court decisions quickly. This allows professionals to rapidly determine case relevance without having to read extensive documents. The addition cements eDiscovery Assistant’s position as an essential research platform for lawyers, litigators, and legal teams seeking to stay abreast of evolving case law. It demonstrates Twigger’s ongoing commitment to optimizing eDiscovery through cutting-edge technology.

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Exploring the Uptake of LLMs and Generative Artificial Intelligence in the eDiscovery Ecosystem

Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) have emerged as transformative technologies with the potential to revolutionize various industries. In the realm of eDiscovery, these technologies are poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping how legal professionals manage and analyze vast amounts of data. In this industry report, we delve into the uptake of LLMs and GAI within the eDiscovery ecosystem, drawing insights from 64* industry professionals as shared in the Fall 2023 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey.

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Exterro FTK 8.0 Promises to Accelerate Digital Forensic Workflows

Exterro’s launch of FTK 8.0 comes at a pivotal time when cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery teams are struggling under massive data volumes. Conducting timely and thorough investigations is more critical than ever, yet the exponential growth in electronically stored information has made this increasingly difficult. Exterro FTK 8.0 introduces new automation features that promise to significantly streamline digital forensic workflows. This has major implications for legal teams and law enforcement agencies alike in accelerating case timelines and making data more manageable. We will be watching closely to see if Exterro’s new release can deliver on its aims of cutting investigation timelines in half. If so, it could greatly aid professionals in surfacing key evidence faster to drive more informed decisions and actions.

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Steady Pulse of eDiscovery Market Consolidation and Investment in Q3 2023

The third quarter of 2023 saw a steady pulse of merger, acquisition, and investment activity in the eDiscovery ecosystem. July started off with two reported deals as companies looked to strategically combine forces or attract new capital. By August, the pace accelerated, with eight transactions announced. Industry observers noted the increased appetite for consolidation and growth financing. September rounded out the quarter with a slightly reduced but still healthy level of three deals revealed. For the quarter as a whole, the double-digit total of 13 mergers, acquisitions, and investments signaled an active environment.

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HaystackID Pumps Up eDiscovery with New Self-Service Offering

Efficient and cost-effective eDiscovery is an ongoing challenge for legal teams. Managing multiple matters with consistency and quality control while containing costs strains resources. HaystackID® offers an innovative solution – HaystackID Core Self-Service, an automated, customizable platform enabling legal departments to precisely manage eDiscovery workflows on-demand.

HaystackID Core Self-Service is an innovative discovery management portal providing 24/7 access to custom-built workflows, direct data uploads, automated processing, and detailed tracking and reporting. Workflows are designed by HaystackID’s experts during onboarding to best fit each client’s needs.

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Repario Makes Waves with Breakwater Acquisition

Repario, a leader in eDiscovery services, has acquired Breakwater Solutions, a pioneer in information governance. This acquisition combines two firms driving innovation in data privacy and legal discovery.

According to Breakwater CPO Will Jaibaji, “Information governance is the first step in the EDRM, and the synergies with Repario’s depth of experience are very exciting.” He added that Breakwater leverages “next generation AI to help customers find interesting data in a fraction of the time.”

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KLDiscovery To Expand Managed Review Capabilities with Cenza Technologies Acquisition

KLDiscovery Inc. announced on Friday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Cenza Technologies Private Limited, an India-based alternative legal services provider. The acquisition provides KLDiscovery with an established global delivery center in India, enabling the company to strengthen its managed document review services and expand its contract lifecycle management offerings.

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AI Integration and Regional Considerations: eDiscovery Industry Outlook has Valuable Lessons for Emerging Europe 

A new eDiscovery survey reveals interest in AI adoption, but also concerns about results accuracy, compliance, and skills. The findings likely resonate in emerging Europe, highlighting the need for developing multidisciplinary AI expertise.

A recent eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey conducted by ComplexDiscovery provides valuable insights into the business outlook and AI sentiments of the global community of cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals, including perspectives that may be relevant for emerging Europe. 

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Evolver Legal Services Launches WatchtowerAI: A Groundbreaking Solution for AI-Enabled Data Mining During Incident Response

Evolver Legal Services (ELS), the legal technology division of Evolver LLC, a cybersecurity and IT transformation provider, is proud to introduce WatchtowerAI, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize data mining during incident response. This AI-enabled, purpose-built solution is crafted to empower cyber lawyers, cyber insurance providers, and legaltech solution platforms to enhance their data mining efforts during incident response.

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Everlaw and CodexTen Announce Strategic Partnership for Litigation Services

Everlaw, the cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with CodexTen, a litigation execution management service provider. The services CodexTen provides combine Everlaw’s #1 ediscovery software platform with CodexTen’s technical expertise to deliver top-notch evidence discovery and courtroom support for law firms.

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Insight Optix and X1 Announce Strategic Innovative eDiscovery Partnership

Insight Optix and X1 Discovery, two innovative legal technology companies, announce a strategic partnership to combat exponentially rising data volumes, and the over-preservation and over-collection practices that lead to high eDiscovery costs.

Despite more than a decade of industry talk about reducing discovery spend, the problem persists because there has not been enough strategic focus on the earliest stages of discovery. 

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CloudNine Added to the Carahsoft NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement

CloudNine, the eDiscovery technology leader, announced today it has been granted inclusion in the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint Cloud Solutions contract held by Carahsoft Technology Corp. This enables Carahsoft to provide easy, safe and secure access to CloudNine’s eDiscovery cloud-based technology solutions and services to participating states, local governments, and educational institutions.

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The Future Society and IEEE Publish Model ESI Protocol and Guidelines

The Future Society, an independent nonprofit organization based in the U.S. and Europe, together with IEEE, has developed and launched this week their Model Protocol for Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Many months in the making, with several rounds of review from some of the brightest and most thoughtful experts in the industry, the aim of this protocol and the adjacent guidelines for practitioners is to ”assist parties seeking to establish the trustworthiness of advanced tools used to review electronically stored information (ESI) in legal discovery,” according to their website.

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FTI Consulting Expands Technology Team in Germany

FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced that the firm’s Technology segment has added Dr. Jens Koenig as a Senior Managing Director and Dr. Sebastian Schmitz as a Managing Director in its growing team of digital insights and risk management experts in Germany.

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With Paredes at Helm, HaystackID Primed to Extend Leadership in AI-Enhanced Review

As legal discovery grows more complex, provider experience and leadership become increasingly vital. That’s why HaystackID’s hiring of industry veteran Andy Paredes as Vice President of Managed Review Services is an important announcement for eDiscovery professionals. This announcement also highlights the strategic importance of managed review capabilities as data volumes surge. HaystackID’s over 4 million review hours completed, and the addition of Paredes signals their strengthened position as a leader.

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Relativity Delivers Hands-On e-Discovery Education to Australia

Relativity, a global legal technology company, today announced it has partnered with The University of New England (UNE) School of Law in Australia, to provide hands-on e-discovery education to its law students. UNE is the first school in the APAC region to benefit from the success of Relativity’s Academic Partner Program.

Launched in 2015, Relativity designed its Academic Partner program to meet the evolving needs of the legal industry, helping programs more easily integrate technology into their litigation and discovery curricula. The program has since established itself in 116 schools and reaches 4,000 students in the United StatesUnited Kingdom and Ireland. Relativity’s academic partnerships are comprised of paralegal programs, law schools, and data science and cybersecurity programs. Relativity’s Academic Partner program provides students with hands-on experience with RelativityOne for complex litigation before working on real cases.

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The Role of Fluidity in Accelerating AI in eDiscovery

Discovery, invention, innovation. For decades, these concepts were viewed as distinct steps in a rigid linear pipeline. Research discovered new knowledge. Development invented applications. Production drove innovation to market. Knowledge flowed one way – from abstract ideas to commercial products.

But a paradigm shift is emerging. Discovery, invention, and innovation appear more akin to fluid states of knowledge, dynamically evolving amongst each other like phases of matter. Gas, liquid, solid. Concept, prototype, product. Knowledge can transition back and forth, with innovations leading to new discovery or old concepts sparking reinvention.

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An Underwhelming Year? HSR Transaction Volumes in FY 2023 (September 2023 Update)

In FY 2022, there were 3,259 HSR transactions. However, in FY 2023, the number dropped significantly to 1,884 transactions, representing a 42.17% decrease year-over-year. The monthly average also declined from 271 transactions in FY 2022 to 158 in FY 2023. Examining the monthly data for FY 2023 shows fluctuations within the year. The highest number of transactions in 2023 was reported in November with 243, while the lowest was in April with 120. Despite these variations, the overall trend indicates a decline in M&A activity.

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[September 2023 Update] Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide – Online Knowledge Base

Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive and credible resources for legal and IT professionals seeking to understand and apply eDisclosure and eDiscovery concepts, processes, techniques, and tools.

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Double eDiscovery Vision? New Specification Helps Solve Longstanding Email Deduplication Problem

The just-announced EDRM Cross Platform Email Duplicate Identification Specification demonstrates EDRM’s role as a leader in developing consensus-based standards that help address key challenges in eDiscovery and legal technology. By providing a common framework that can be adopted across different platforms and tools, the specification enables a more efficient and cost-effective way to identify duplicate emails in cross-platform contexts.

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