Sun. Mar 26th, 2023
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    Content Assessment: Relooking at Rebranding? Considering Conceptual Frameworks and Structures in eDiscovery Branding

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    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent post sharing information and considerations related to eDiscovery branding.

    Editor’s Note: The concept approach to branding has been a proven strategy for creating a memorable and meaningful connection with audiences. Just as the Beatles revolutionized the music industry with their concept album, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an eDiscovery provider may achieve similar success by employing a concept approach to branding. This branding approach helps establish a clear brand identity and allows for greater flexibility in offering different sub-brands and services. By focusing on the concept, an eDiscovery provider can provide a comprehensive framework for presenting their current and future capabilities and offerings while creating a solid and recognizable brand image. This article will explore the benefits of using a conceptual approach to branding for an eDiscovery provider and how it may lead to greater success in driving awareness and revenue.

    Background Note: This article presents a fictionalized branding approach for a full-service eDiscovery provider. The exercise aims to provide a memorable and descriptive way to highlight the promise and capabilities of provider offerings. This approach may not be comprehensive or fully normalized but is shared to assist in the branding and communication of eDiscovery provider services and solutions.

    Informational Article

    Considering Conceptual Frameworks and Structures in eDiscovery Branding


    Once Upon a Time in Branding Land

    Once upon a time, there was a brand called Conquest for Discovery, specializing in providing insight and intelligence from digital data to support audits, investigations, and litigation. To highlight its offerings and make it easier for customers to understand its services, the eDiscovery provider for the Conquest for Discovery brand divided its brand-centric offerings into five sub-brands: Educate, Operate, Protect, Automate, and Integrate.

    Conquest Educate was all about information and education, helping customers raise awareness, generate demand and receive customer service. Conquest Operate focused on core offerings in cybersecurity, data discovery, and legal discovery, including tasks like interrogation, indexing, preservation, and collection.

    Conquest Protect was dedicated to security, privacy, and information governance-related offerings. Conquest Automate was all about automation, AI, and applied sciences, aimed at enhancing cybersecurity, data discovery, and legal discovery services. Lastly, Conquest Integrate bundled all their provider capabilities into managed services and managed infrastructure, making it easier for customers to access and use their services.

    Conquest for Discovery’s five sub-brands provided a comprehensive and cohesive messaging framework supporting solutions for its customers’ needs in digital data discovery, ensuring that all the provider’s services were easily understandable and relatable to the umbrella brand.

    Deeper into the Sub-brand Sea

    The Conquest for Discovery brand had five sub-brands that comprised its underlying structure and offerings. Each sub-brand had its promise and offerings to help legal and information professionals address the challenges and opportunities of data and legal discovery.

    The first sub-brand, Conquest Educate, was focused on providing legal and information professionals with immediate and collaborative access to the latest knowledge and most informed experts. Conquest Educate comprised all information and education activities, including offerings for corporations, law firms, and consultancies. It was supported by consulting, sales, business development, marketing, and customer service teams.

    The second sub-brand, Conquest Operate, promised a complete set of operationalized offerings to address data and legal discovery challenges. It included offerings in cybersecurity, forensics, analytics, and review, and operations, information technology, and project management teams supported it.

    The third sub-brand, Conquest Protect, offered tools, techniques, and talent to address security, privacy, and information governance risks and opportunities. It included offerings in cyber risk, information governance, and managed security, and information security and information technology teams supported it.

    The fourth sub-brand, Conquest Automate, focused on automating discovery, review, and security efforts for increased efficiency, accuracy, and understanding in data and legal discovery. It included discovery, review, and security offerings, and research and development and information technology teams supported it.

    Finally, the fifth sub-brand, Conquest Integrate, promised a complete and configurable set of managed services to focus entirely on data and legal discovery without the worry of technology, team delivery, and management. It included offerings in managed services for discovery, review, infrastructure, and security. It was supported by all provider functional areas, including consulting, sales, business development, marketing, customer service, operations, project management, information security, and information technology teams.

    Table: Example Concept Brand and Sub-brand Roll Up

    Example Concept Branding – Conquest for Discovery

    Communicating the Complex

    The task of aligning all offerings across the sub-brands of Conquest for Discovery was complicated due to the overlapping of similar offerings. However, the sub-brand approach in Conquest for Discovery provided a solution to the challenge of offering standardization in a comprehensive brand centered around eDiscovery.

    A Concept Brand Reprise

    The Conquest for Discovery system offered a comprehensive solution for legal and information professionals to access intelligence from digital data for audits, investigations, and more. Its concept brand and sub-branding provided a structured framework for presenting current and future capabilities, with offerings, rolled up as components supporting sub-brand delivery. The approach allowed for brand and organizational alignment, promoting a synchronized approach to raising awareness and revenue. This concept brand approach also provided the foundation for a vision that enhanced both internal organization and external understanding of the provider’s offerings and assisted in creating value for both the provider and the discovery professionals they served.

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