Remote Possibilities? Social Distancing and the Magnification of Marketing

Organizations that are appropriately staffed, skilled, and resourced in the marketing function during times of social distancing and congregate setting restrictions may experience less revenue generation continuity challenges based on unforeseen events and incidents than organizations that have selectively neglected this crucial area.


Balancing the Science and Art of Marketing?

For companies that don’t sell everyday items, for example, it’s not as important for their brand to be top of mind for consumers. “Instead, I want to know that when our customer needs us, they recognize the brand and understand the services we provide,” said Jake Taylor, a marketing analyst at CORT. That’s why brand awareness can mean something different for every organization.


Time to Revisit Your Support Metrics?

It’s a good idea to periodically take a step back, look at the support metrics you’re tracking, and consider some newer metrics that may more accurately reflect customer satisfaction. One of these newer metrics is the Customer Effort Score (CES). CES is a customer experience survey metric that enables service organizations to account for the ease of customer interaction and resolution during a request. This is important as research indicates that customer effort is the strongest driver to customer loyalty.


Connect, Contest, and Challenge: Counter-Marketing and Social Media

While not a new concept, counter-marketing with social media does provide companies a unique way to increase awareness and demand while at the same time attempting to neutralize the impact of competitor social media marketing. The aim of social media counter-marketing is not to disparage competitors or detract from their social media efforts, but to translate their work into another opportunity to bring awareness to your company, message, and offerings.


NPS: You May Want to Know More About This Important Number

A Net Promoter Score®, commonly referred to as NPS®, is a straightforward metric that measures customer experience and appears to be a predictor of company growth. Based on the importance of customer experience for eDiscovery businesses and the increasing investor activity in the data and legal discovery ecosystem, it appears to be a number of increasing interest to both organizational leaders and industry investors.


Taking Marketing Seriously? Indicators, Impact, and Individuals

The [Second Annual CMO Impact Study] surveyed 564 business executives, including 223 chief marketing officers or the equivalent, and mostly from U.S.-based firms. It found a correlation between companies in which CMOs have a higher profile and are more involved in overall strategy and firm success.


The Fabric of Digital Marketing: A Concise List of Tools

When considering leaders for an organization’s marketing efforts, it is important to evaluate not only that leader’s understanding of digital marketing tactics, techniques, and tools, but it is also equally important to assess that leader’s ability to execute, not just talk, about digital marketing programs.


The Chief Marketing Officer: Three Distinct Types

Most CMOs, we’ve observed, have a few areas of core responsibility. More than 90% are responsible for marketing strategy and implementation, and more than 80% control brand strategy and customer metrics. But beyond that, the range of duties—from pricing to sales management, public relations to e‑commerce, product development to distribution—is mind-boggling.

Go West, Young Man. | The 2018 Legal Tech Go-To-Market Report

Since the Great Recession of 2008, sustained pricing pressure from corporate clients and rapid technological leaps have combined to create the present environment in which law firms and corporate legal departments are not just open to technology-based solutions to problems formerly overcome by brute lawyer-hours, but actively inviting them in.

Jason Lemkin on SaaS Marketing Mistakes

In this extract from the article “15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make,” Jason Lemkin highlights major mistakes in marketing that may inhibit SaaS success.