Wed. Feb 1st, 2023
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    Content Assessment: Stacking Up? One Marketing Tech Stack Approach from ComplexDiscovery

    Information - 90%
    Insight - 85%
    Relevance - 95%
    Objectivity - 90%
    Authority - 95%



    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent post highlighting marketing tech stack tools used by ComplexDiscovery.

    Editor’s Note: As part of its coverage of eDiscovery, ComplexDiscovery regularly reports on key business spheres of interest ranging from market size and mergers to business confidence and vendor developments. This coverage typically includes research, reports, announcements, and articles on cyber, data, and legal discovery. However, today’s post deviates from normal coverage and highlights one element of providing that coverage. That element is the concise tech stack that enables ComplexDiscovery to create, distribute, and manage content and operate a digital business based in the European Union.

    Tech Stack Overview

     Considering the ComplexDiscovery Marketing Tech Stack


    ComplexDiscovery is an online publication that highlights cyber, data, and legal discovery insight and intelligence ranging from original research to aggregated news for business, information technology, and legal professionals. Originating from an interest in blogging, a background in technology marketing, and an enthusiasm for digital businesses, ComplexDiscovery has evolved from a traditional blog to an operating business. Today ComplexDiscovery OÜ is registered as a private limited company based in the European Union country of Estonia, one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world.

    While there are many aspects to establishing and managing an online publication, one of the key elements is using an appropriate and affordable tech stack. Traditionally the term tech stack is used to refer to a set of technologies used to build a web or mobile application, including programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, software, and tools used by developers.¹ However, for this overview, the term represents a group of technology-based tools designed to help businesses operate effectively, market efficiently, and provide an optimal customer experience.²

    Marketing tech stacks are important as they ideally help organizations and individuals achieve their business objectives. They are also important as they convey concisely the depth and breadth of tools actively purposed to create and extract value from marketing efforts. Additionally, they can be an important data point in the valuation of blog or company marketing assets during a merger, acquisition, or investment event.

    Provided below is a concise marketing tech stack of tools used by ComplexDiscovery to create awareness, establish credibility, and drive demand for published research, reports, announcements, and articles. The tech stack also shares tools used to support business operations ranging from financial transactions to office productivity. It is a tech stack that is not all-inclusive or appropriate for every business. However, the simple presentation of general tool categories and the concise listing of marketing tools may be helpful for individuals and organizations seeking to develop an integrated marketing tech stack to drive value for their blog or business.

    A Concise Tech Stack of Marketing Tools

    Awareness (Content Distribution)

    • WP Engine (Website Hosting)
    • Pipedrive Chatbot (Website Chatbot)
    • Mailchimp (Email Campaigns and Newsletters)
    • Vimeo (Video Hosting and Sharing)
    • Apple Podcasts (Podcasts)
    • Alexa Flash Briefings (Audio Updates)
    • Advanced Ads (Advertising)
    • Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook)

    Credibility (Content Production and Protection)

    • WordPress (Content Management System)
    • BetterDoc (Knowledge Base)
    • Google Forms (Surveys)
    • Pipedrive Forms (Web Forms)
    • Amazon Translate (Content Translations)
    • Amazon  Polly (Text-to-Speech)
    • Buffer Publishing (Social Media Sharing)
    • Snappa (Graphic Design Software)
    • Pixabay (Visual Media)
    • Grammarly (Writing Assistant)
    • Termly (Consent Management)
    • WordProof (WordPress Blockchain Time Stamp Utility)
    • Taqyeem (WordPress Review Utility)
    • Smallpdf (PDF Conversion, Compressing, and Editing)
    • PDF Embedder (WordPress Utility)
    • ChatGPT (AI-Enabled Content Generation)
    • Dall-E (AI-Enabled Image Generation)
    • Zlick (Paywall)

    Demand (Management and Measurement)

    • Pipedrive (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Pipedrive (Web Visitors)
    • Outfunnel (Marketing Automation and Integration)
    • Google Analytics (Website Metrics)
    • Buffer Analytics (Social Media Analytics)
    • Advanced Ads (WordPress Advertising Utility)

    Support (Business Operations and Office Productivity)

    • Xolo (Business and Accounting Services)
    • Wise (Financial Services)
    • Stripe (Financial Services)
    • Uphold (Digital Money Platform)
    • Microsoft Teams (Communications)
    • Google Workspace (Office Productivity Software)
    • UserWay (Accessibility Services)

    From Marketing Tech Stack Understanding to Execution

    Understanding these types of marketing tech stack tools and their capability related to awareness, credibility, demand, and support is important for blogs and businesses as they seek to transform marketing opportunity and potential into achieving marketing objectives. Whether marketing objectives are reads and subscribers or leads and dollars, an appropriate marketing tech stack can help increase the value of any blog or business.


    The tech stack shared by ComplexDiscovery represents only one of many approaches that can be efficiently and economically integrated and operated to enhance marketing efforts effectively. However, the importance of this and any tech stack should not be underestimated as it directly impacts the ability to communicate and convey marketing capability and potential concisely.


    ¹ StackShare. 2021. What is a Tech Stack? What tools do popular tech companies use in 2021?. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 6 July 2021].

    ² HubSpot., 2021. How To Audit Your Company’s Technology Stack. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 6 July 2021].

    Additional Reading

    Source: ComplexDiscovery


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    ComplexDiscovery is an online publication that highlights cyber, data, and legal discovery insight and intelligence ranging from original research to aggregated news for use by cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals. The highly targeted publication seeks to increase the collective understanding of readers regarding cyber, data, and legal discovery information and issues and to provide an objective resource for considering trends, technologies, and services related to electronically stored information.

    ComplexDiscovery OÜ is a technology marketing firm providing strategic planning and tactical execution expertise in support of cyber, data, and legal discovery organizations. Focused primarily on supporting the ComplexDiscovery publication, the company is registered as a private limited company in the European Union country of Estonia, one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. The company operates virtually worldwide to deliver marketing consulting and services.