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Content Assessment: KLDiscovery Pioneers Franchise Opportunities in the eDiscovery Marketplace: A New Era of Entrepreneurship in Legal Technology

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by KLDiscovery of its new franchising program for the US eDiscovery marketplace.

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Background Note: KLDiscovery Inc. has announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind franchising program in the U.S. eDiscovery marketplace. The initiative is designed to help entrepreneurs and existing businesses enter and thrive in the fragmented eDiscovery industry. The program provides franchisees with access to KLDiscovery’s comprehensive technology stack, back-office systems, and industry expertise. Starting in several key states, the program aims to expand across the U.S., enabling businesses to leverage KLDiscovery’s successful business model and systems to grow their eDiscovery footprint. The franchise model is expected to be cost-effective and quick to implement, requiring no specialized equipment, real estate fees, or construction.

Press Announcement Extract*

KLDiscovery launches a first-of-its-kind franchising program in the US eDiscovery marketplace; poised to capture increased market share in a highly fragmented industry


The Company is leveraging its global footprint, end-to-end technology stack including its proprietary Nebula ecosystem, fully integrated back-office systems that include immediate access to critical business intelligence through its groundbreaking Client Portal, and its reputation as a premier provider of legal technology software and services to create the ideal platform for entrepreneurs to create and grow a thriving eDiscovery business.

KLDiscovery Inc. (“KLDiscovery” or “KLD” or the “Company”) announced today that the Company through its subsidiary is now offering franchise opportunities across the US eDiscovery marketplace, commencing with a majority of states including Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas, with further states to come. As a leading provider of global data management, information governance, eDiscovery, and advisory services solutions, KLDiscovery has a proven business model that leverages a global footprint, end-to-end technology throughout the EDRM, 24X7X365 client service, and an exceptionally strong Company culture to help its clients navigate all their legal, regulatory, and cyber incident response engagements.  After significant investments in technology, business systems, and repeatable and scalable processes, the Company has created a point-of-entry for qualified entrepreneurs and companies in adjacent businesses to immediately take advantage of the Company’s proven systems and business model to grow their eDiscovery footprint.

“The eDiscovery industry remains highly fragmented with tremendous opportunities for companies like KLD to increase market share,” said Chris Weiler, CEO of KLDiscovery. “Due to this fragmentation, the eDiscovery industry provides an investment opportunity for serial entrepreneurs and adjacent businesses. The challenge now is how these entrepreneurs address significant expenses on software licenses, IT security, and business and operational expertise. KLD’s Franchise Program solves this dilemma by serving as the ideal incubator for both seasoned business owners and the next generation of legal technology entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves. With its full technology stack including the Nebula ecosystem, Client Portal, Ready Suite, and a full range of other services along the EDRM, KLDiscovery franchisees have a unique opportunity to seize a portion of the US eDiscovery marketplace.”

KLD’s Franchise Program is not just limited to individual entrepreneurs. Organizations looking to diversify their service offerings and add an eDiscovery practice to their existing business are excellent candidates to participate as well.

“We believe that many existing organizations, such as computer forensics, scanning and reprographic, cyber incident response, and language translation businesses run across numerous eDiscovery opportunities each year. Most of the time, these adjacent businesses turn this work away due to a lack of capabilities and expertise necessary to successfully support these engagements,” said Danny Zambito, Chief Operating Officer. “Through KLD’s Franchise Program, these companies are provided with a solution to attract more clients through the network of one of the largest and most respected eDiscovery companies in the world.”

“KLDiscovery franchises offer a low-cost, remote or in-office business model that franchisees can have up-and-running very quickly. With no specialized equipment to purchase, no real estate fees, and no construction necessary, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to quickly turn their relationships into business opportunities after starting the business and successfully completing training,” stated Krystina Jones, Chief Revenue Officer.

For additional information about KLD’s Franchise Program, visit

About KLDiscovery

KLDiscovery provides technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies and consumers solve complex data challenges. The company, with offices in 25 locations across 16 countries, is a global leader in delivering best-in-class eDiscovery, information governance and data recovery solutions to support the litigation, regulatory compliance, internal investigation and data recovery and management needs of our clients. Serving clients for over 30 years, KLDiscovery offers data collection and forensic investigation, early case assessment, electronic discovery and data processing, application software and data hosting for web-based document reviews, and managed document review services. In addition, through its global Ontrack Data Recovery business, KLDiscovery delivers world-class data recovery, email extraction and restoration, data destruction and tape management. KLDiscovery has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America by both Inc. Magazine (Inc. 5000) and Deloitte (Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500) and CEO Chris Weiler was recognized as a 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year™. Additionally, KLDiscovery is a Relativity Certified Partner and maintains ISO/IEC 27001 Certified data centers around the world. For more information, please email or visit

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