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January 25, 2024, Update

Vendor Voices in eDiscovery: From Mobile Collections and MEDAL to Announcements and Acquisitions

ComplexDiscovery Staff

Complete Legal’s Acquisition of Frontline Managed Service’s eDiscovery Unit: Setting a Client-Centric Standard in Legal Tech

The recent merger of Complete Legal, L2 Services, and Precise Legal, followed by the acquisition of Frontline Managed Service’s eDiscovery unit, highlights a significant shift in the eDiscovery industry. Moving away from the traditional corporate ethos that prioritizes shareholder interests, this consolidation emphasizes a client-first approach. This transition challenges longstanding norms in legal services where shareholder returns have often taken precedence over client needs and service quality. The strategic alignment of these entities underlines a commitment to service excellence and client value. This approach is expected to not only elevate service standards but also resonate with the evolving expectations of clients in the modern legal landscape.

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HaystackID Unveils MEDAL Suite, Elevating Mobile eDiscovery Workflows

The expansion of HaystackID’s MEDAL suite represents a significant leap forward for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. The suite’s innovative tools are designed to meet the escalating complexity and sheer volume of mobile data involved in legal proceedings. MEDAL Vanguard™ and MEDAL Relay™ are particularly transformative, promising to considerably accelerate the assessment and integration phases of mobile data handling. This suite not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a higher level of precision in evidence collection and analysis, marking a substantial development for professionals seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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ProSearch Advances eDiscovery with Generative AI for Review and Enhancements in Privacy Detection & Management

ProSearch, a leading provider of comprehensive discovery and compliance solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms, today announced two innovations designed to help organizations tackle high-volume case data and privacy compliance in legal discovery. Both initiatives were developed by the ProSearch Linguistics, Analytics, and Data Science (LADS) team in collaboration with clients.

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Lighthouse Launches Industry’s First AI-Powered Privilege Review

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance services, today announced the launch of Lighthouse AI Privilege Review, the industry’s first AI-powered privilege review.

Building on the company’s half-decade of experience with large language models (LLMs), Lighthouse AI Privilege Review utilizes both predictive and generative AI to significantly decrease the manual burden of identifying, redacting, and logging privilege. Lighthouse accomplishes this with unmatched quality and pinpoint accuracy, offering significant savings in both time and cost.

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Reveal Debuts ‘Ask’: A Generative AI Feature Designed for Legal

Reveal, the global provider of the leading AI-powered eDiscovery, review and investigations platform, announced today the introduction of its latest innovation, ‘Ask’ – a purpose-built Generative AI (Gen AI) capability designed specifically for lawyers and legal practitioners. Available in Q1 2024, ‘Ask’ represents a significant leap in the application, accessibility and adoption of AI in the practice of law.

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Integrating Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Collection in Modern Litigation

Since its inception in 2019, Right Discovery has been at the forefront of digital forensics and eDiscovery, offering bespoke solutions that are not only tailored to the unique litigation needs of their clients but also pioneering in their approach to handling digital evidence. The nuanced integration of digital forensics and eDiscovery collection in modern litigation forms a cornerstone for effective legal strategy. Understanding and applying these two disciplines in unison becomes crucial for legal departments and law firms as digital footprints expand exponentially.

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Redefining Mobile Collections: ModeOne’s Integration with Relativity

ModeOne’s introduction of its Relativity Integration Application marks a significant advancement in the field of cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. By enabling precise, remote collection of mobile device data and seamlessly integrating with Relativity workspaces, this application addresses longstanding challenges in these fields. It stands out for its ability to target specific data types, thus avoiding overcollection and protecting custodian privacy. This technology not only streamlines the eDiscovery process but also significantly cuts down the time and cost associated with traditional data collection methods. This concise announcement highlights the features of this groundbreaking application, its unique capabilities, and the strategic partnerships that make it a powerful capability for investigation and litigation professionals.

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Natural Language Search Continues to Shake Up Legal Data Discovery

Reveal’s launch of its Generative AI tool ‘Ask’ holds valuable promise for professionals in eDiscovery and legal investigations. By enabling rapid natural language queries for document analysis, ‘Ask’ stands to profoundly transform workflows for reviewers and legal teams. This innovation could prove transformative by drastically expediting document review and analysis cycles and lending enhanced speed, accuracy, and simplicity to the discipline of eDiscovery. By allowing reviewers to extract key insights more efficiently from large datasets, ‘Ask’ may confer an immense competitive edge for legal service providers, law firms, and legal departments adept at leveraging leading AI.

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Lexbe Unveils Revolutionary CoPilot: A Groundbreaking AI Integration with GenAI Models, Like ChatGPT, Delivering Intelligent eDiscovery Automation

Lexbe Inc., a leading eDiscovery provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of Lexbe CoPilot, a pioneering integration between the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and generative AI large language models like ChatGPTSM and ClaudeSM. This innovative solution is set to redefine how lawyers and other legal professionals navigate the complexities of eDiscovery.

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Mary Rechtoris Returns to eDiscovery as EDRM’s Senior Director of Content and Community Initiatives

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), leading the way for global best practices in e-discovery, is excited to welcome Mary Rechtoris to the team as the senior director of content and community initiatives. In her position, Rechtoris will play a key role in engaging the e-discovery community through producing workshops that allow participants to share best practices, grow their networks, elevate their careers, and advance the e-discovery industry.

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Service-Driven Success: How Complete Legal’s Merger is Upending the Shareholder Dominant Model

The merger of Complete Legal, L2 Services, and Precise Legal marks a transitional moment in the eDiscovery industry, embodying a profound shift towards prioritizing service excellence and client value over traditional shareholder interests. This strategic alignment challenges the conventional corporate ethos prevalent in legal services, where shareholder returns often overshadow client needs and service quality. The merged entity seeks to set a new standard for delivering high-quality eDiscovery solutions by emphasizing employee empowerment and fostering deep, meaningful client relationships. This approach is expected to not only enhance service delivery but also align closely with the evolving demands and expectations of clients in the modern legal landscape. The merger could serve as a catalyst in the legal technology sector, inspiring other firms to reevaluate and potentially reorient their operational models to focus on people before profits.

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JND Receives Patent Approval for OneSearch™ Document Search Application

 JND Legal Administration, the U.S. leader in legal management and administration services, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent, No. 11,868,356, for its OneSearch application. The patent extends the capabilities of JND eDiscovery’s RelativityOne environment to deliver superior efficiencies in the eDiscovery document location and review processes.

The patent, titled “Systems and Methods to Facilitate Enhanced Document Retrieval in Electronic Discovery,” is directed to OneSearch, an advanced search application that simultaneously automates the activity of five distinct search engines within JND’s Relativity eDiscovery environment. By combining the capabilities of these search engines, OneSearch allows the user to quickly drill down into advanced search results, prioritize important documents for review, using a proprietary ranking algorithm, and save the results of each search for future reference.

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Litigation Services Leader Greg Mazares Joins Purpose Legal as CEO

Purpose Legal, a leading litigation services and tech company, is pleased to announce the hiring of Greg Mazares as its new Chief Executive Officer. With a distinguished business career spanning over 40 years and a wealth of success in legal and professional services, Mazares brings a track record of building teams and companies to help drive Purpose Legal to a continuous era of people, revenue, and profit growth. Since 1988, working with private equity sponsors and management groups, he has led, built, bought, and sold companies in multiple sectors of litigation services as a senior executive, sales and marketing leader, turnaround expert, M&A specialist, and investor.

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Relativity Appoints Steve Couling as Chief Sales Officer

Relativity, a global legal technology company, today announced the appointment of Steve Couling as Chief Sales Officer (CSO), effective Jan. 15. Couling is a seasoned sales leader with nearly three decades of technology sales experience and 17 years working in the e-discovery sector, more than a decade of which has been dedicated to supporting Relativity’s international growth. As CSO, he will apply his robust industry expertise to further maximize value for customers, spearhead sales strategies and lead Relativity’s global sales team.

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A 2023 Look at eDiscovery Collection: Task, Spend, and Cost Data Points

Originally published in June 2019 and updated annually, this report on eDiscovery collection task, spending, and cost information contains new data points based on recent refreshes of industry research from ComplexDiscovery OÜ. This update includes information from the 2023-2028 eDiscovery Market Size Mashup for Worldwide Software and Services and the most recent eDiscovery pricing survey conducted in November 2023. This update may be beneficial for legal, business, and IT professionals considering the business of eDiscovery and, specifically, the economics of eDiscovery collection. 

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Array’s New Podcast Venture: The Attorney Lounge

For professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery, “The Attorney Lounge” podcast represents a significant resource. It provides insights into the evolving legal landscape, informed by the personal experiences and professional journeys of its guests. The discussions on this platform can offer practical knowledge, trends, and strategies relevant to these fields, enhancing the understanding of the interplay between law, technology, and business. As the legal industry increasingly intersects with cybersecurity and information governance, such resources are invaluable for staying abreast of new developments and best practices.

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Expert Details How Businesses Are Considering AI for Document Review

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence during 2023 have opened new opportunities for businesses to use AI systems to efficiently review legal documents, contracts, emails, and other text-based files, according to AI expert John Brewer, chief artificial intelligence officer at eDiscovery provider HaystackID.

In a wide-ranging message, Brewer said a new class of AI called “generative AI” had a breakout year in 2023. Unlike previous AI technologies, generative systems can understand plain English questions entered via text and then respond with thoughtful, coherent answers in everyday written English.

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eDiscovery Assistant Unveils Dynamic Cite Lists

“We’re excited to introduce Dynamic Cite Lists,” said Kelly Twigger, CEO and Founder of eDiscovery Assistant. “The pace of discovery decisions is increasing every year, with decisions coming out every month that impact arguments being made. This feature will allow users to stay up to speed so they know what they need to know, when they need to know it. The feature will allow litigators to meet the pressure of the pace of discovery, save time and achieve better outcomes on discovery issues”.

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Epiq Launches Regulatory Risk Insights™ Compliance Solution  

Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today the launch of real-time, data-driven Regulatory Risk Insights™. The antitrust and white collar compliance solution empowers corporate legal departments to identify, measure, and act on organizational risk as it happens. The solution deploys artificial intelligence and substantive expertise to surface critical intelligence about communications that may create legal liability for corporations. It filters out false positives through AI-based analysis, and then presents the communication thread to analysts – all within 60 seconds of when potential misconduct is sent.  

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40 Data Points: The State of eDiscovery Business in 2023 (Research and Reports)

ComplexDiscovery is an online publication delivering crucial insights and intelligence in the realms of cyber, data, and legal discovery. This publication stands as a vital resource for professionals engaged in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. With a commitment to enhancing the collective knowledge of its readers, ComplexDiscovery offers a mix of original research and aggregated news, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in dealing with electronically stored information.

In 2023, ComplexDiscovery has continued to focus on the business aspects of eDiscovery, providing in-depth coverage and analysis. This annual research and report roll-up offers an essential collection of research, reports, and articles from the past year, each serving as a valuable guide to understanding the dynamic landscape of eDiscovery business.

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eDiscovery Today Announces 2024 State of the Industry Report

Compiled by eDiscovery Today and sponsored by EDRM, the fourth annual report discusses key trends including experience and impact of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI, use of predictive coding technology, discovery of data from mobile devices and collaboration apps, use cases for eDiscovery, biggest overall eDiscovery trends in 2024 and the eDiscovery challenges not being discussed enough.

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Lighthouse Appoints Bill Mariano as Chief Revenue Officer

Ron Markezich, CEO of Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance services, today announced the appointment of Bill Mariano as Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, Mariano will oversee Lighthouse’s global revenue strategy, leading Sales, Client Success, and Sales Enablement. With his new role he also joins the Lighthouse leadership team.

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Pagefreezer’s Acquisition of X1 Social Discovery Spurs X1’s Focus on Expanding Enterprise Solutions

Pagefreezer’s recent acquisition of X1 Social Discovery from X1 Discovery Inc. marks a significant enhancement in its online evidence collection capabilities and also catalyzes a strategic refocus for X1. The divestiture is aligned with X1’s plans to intensify investment and technological advancements in their core eDiscovery and compliance solutions, particularly in the Enterprise market.

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Solving the Problem of Information Security in Court Reporting

Corporate legal departments and law firms often must use court reporters to transcribe depositions, court hearings, and arbitration proceedings, and government agencies often must use court reporters not just in these situations, but also for witness interviews and public meetings. These very court reporters record and see extraordinarily confidential information, including sensitive corporate information and documents containing trade secrets, Personal Health Information (“PHI”), Personal Identifying Information (“PII”), unpublished financial information, strategic plans and forecasts, proprietary research, and pre-patent data which the attorneys who hire and use the court reporters are ethically bound to protect from disclosure. In addition, this information is often being disclosed under a protective order placing even further responsibility on the parties to prevent its improper disclosure. Yet, the vast majority of court reporting firms employ outdated, sometimes decades-old technology that does not come close to meeting today’s data security requirements. Our goal of this article is to better explain the data-security-related problems attorneys routinely face, as well as some available solutions.

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TCDI Partners with TackleAI to Provide Advanced AI Solutions to Clients

TCDI, a leader in legal software and services, announced today an exciting partnership with TackleAI, a pioneering force in AI and machine learning technology. This collaboration, focusing on autonomous redaction, data extraction, and the handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is set to revolutionize legal operations by enhancing the precision and efficiency of TCDI’s eDiscovery and Military Spouse Managed Review (MSMR) offerings. The integration of TackleAI’s advanced solutions promises to significantly improve the adaptability of client workflows, particularly in the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex legal environment.

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The Cost of Innovation: Generative AI’s Impact on Business and Pricing Strategies in the eDiscovery Sphere

The advent of generative AI technology, marked by the introduction of large language models like Gemini, ChatGPT, and Claude, has foreshadowed a new era of efficiency in the business sector. These tools offer capabilities that streamline tasks such as email drafting and meeting summarization, presenting both opportunities and challenges, especially in determining fair pricing strategies for their advanced capabilities. These capabilities are particularly relevant in the eDiscovery industry, where integrating these technologies could revolutionize practices and introduce complex pricing considerations.

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The Critical Role of CFIUS in Safeguarding U.S. National Security: Insights and Implications for Technology and Legal Professionals

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) plays a pivotal role in regulating foreign investments in American companies, particularly those that could impact national security. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of CFIUS, its functions, and its implications for international investors and U.S. businesses. Given the increasing complexity of global economic interactions and the heightened emphasis on cybersecurity and data privacy, understanding the nuances of CFIUS is essential for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals. This overview will be invaluable for understanding the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance, and strategizing foreign investments in the U.S. market.

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ModeOne Announces Industry-First Participant Filtering Feature

ModeOne, the leader in remote mobile forensics data collection, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Participant Filtering feature, which provides the ability to selectively target and extract specific text message conversations from Apple and Android mobile devices for litigation compliance and investigation purposes. Forensics and legal professionals can now materially reduce the volume of data collected from smartphones for review while proactively protecting custodian privacy.

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HSR Transaction Overview: Key Insights from December 2023’s M&A Activity

Focusing on December 2023, this report analyzes the Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) Act transaction data within the broader context of economic trends and M&A activities. By comparing these findings with past Decembers, we offer a comprehensive view of the market dynamics as they stood at the end of 2023.

December 2023 stands out in the M&A landscape with a total of 160 HSR transactions. This number, while representing a decrease from November 2023’s 204 transactions, indicates a less pronounced year-end slowdown compared to previous years. For instance, December 2022 recorded 148 transactions, highlighting a year-over-year increase and suggesting a growing trend in end-of-year M&A activities.

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Understanding Cryptocurrency Taxation: A Guide for Taxpayers and Investigators

The article “Understanding Cryptocurrency Taxation: A Guide for Taxpayers and Investigators” is of significant relevance to professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. In the contemporary financial landscape, where digital assets are becoming increasingly intertwined with conventional financial practices, the intricacies of cryptocurrency taxation emerge as a pivotal concern, presenting a spectrum of challenges and opportunities across these sectors.

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Stay Ahead in 2024: A Concise List of eDiscovery Events

The workplace and workspace environments have evolved significantly in recent years, leading to a decrease in traditional office meeting opportunities. This shift has necessitated the need for legal, business, and information technology professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery to seek alternative avenues for education, awareness, and demand-generation opportunities. This update provides a non-exhaustive list of eDiscovery-related events, conferences, and meetings that are scheduled to take place in 2024. This list serves as a valuable starting point for individuals and organizations looking to stay informed and engaged in the eDiscovery space.

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