An Unfiltered EDRM Announcement: A Change in Strategic Leadership

At EDRM, [Jim Waldron] has been instrumental in helping to strengthen EDRM as a bridge among the judiciary, the legal profession, and the academy and led creative efforts to deepen awareness and understanding of e-discovery and the ways in which technology is transforming the practice of law.

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Editor’s Note: Sent out last week [July 25, 2019] from David F. Levi, Director of the Bolch Judicial Institute, Duke Law School, to EDRM members and friends, the following announcement of a strategic leadership change involving Jim Waldron of EDRM is published for your consideration.

EDRM at Duke Law School creates practical resources to improve e-discovery and information governance. Since 2005 EDRM has delivered leadership, standards, best practices, tools, guides, and test data sets to improve electronic discovery and information governance. Member individuals, law firms, corporations, and government organizations actively contribute to the direction of EDRM.

EDRM Announcement

EDRM Announcement – Jim Waldron

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