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    The eDiscovery Pricing Survey (Winter 2019)

    Based on the complexity of data and legal discovery, it is a continual challenge to fully understand what is representative of industry-standard pricing for the delivery of eDiscovery products and services. With this challenge in mind, the eDiscovery Pricing Survey is designed to provide insight into eDiscovery pricing through the lens of 15 specific pricing questions answered by legal, business, security, and information professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

    The non-scientific, non-comprehensive, and multiple-choice survey is focused on establishing a pricing baseline for a specific selection of collection, processing, and review tasks. The survey is not designed to be all-inclusive but developed to provide a general overview of the pricing landscape with a market basket of eDiscovery offerings that can be analyzed over time to help establish an eDiscovery Pricing Index (eDPI*) that will be reported systematically.

    The eDiscovery Market Basket for the survey consists of the following offerings:


    • Per Hour Cost for Collection by a Forensic Examiner
    • Per Device Cost for Collection by a Forensic Examiner
    • Per Hour Cost for Analysis, Affidavit, and Expert Witness Support by a Forensic Examiner


    • Per GB Cost to Process ESI (At Ingestion)
    • Per GB Cost to Process ESI (At Export)
    • Per GB Per Month Cost to Host ESI Without Analytics
    • Per GB Per Month Cost to Host ESI With Analytics
    • Per Month Cost Per User License for Access to Hosted Data
    • Per Hour Cost for Project Management Support


    • Per GB Cost for Predictive Coding
    • Per Hour Cost for Document Review Attorney Review
    • Per Document Cost for Document Review Attorney Review

    The anonymous survey is open to legal, business, security, and information professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem. Individuals are invited and encouraged to participate via direct (email) or indirect (online) invitations.

    All 15 questions are multiple-choice and the entire survey can be completed in less than five minutes.

    The initial eDiscovery Pricing Survey response period will be between today and no later than January 15th, 2019. Upon completion of the survey, the results will be anonymized, provided to all participants and published on the ComplexDiscovery blog during the winter of 2019.

    To participate in the eDiscovery Pricing Survey (Winter 2019), please click here complete and submit the short 15 question, multiple-choice survey.

    As your opinion is important in helping form a picture of industry-standard pricing on selected eDiscovery tasks, please do take the time to complete this short survey, as the anonymized results will provide professionals in the eDiscovery ecosystem an additional and helpful reference for considering pricing decisions.

    Additional Research

    Source: ComplexDiscovery

    * eDiscovery Pricing Index: A normalized average of price relative to a set of twelve eDiscovery offerings (eDiscovery Market Basket) for a given interval of time.


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