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Press Announcement

IPRO Adds Live EDA, Smart Collections, and Expands its Artificial Intelligence to Significantly Reduce Analysis and Review Complexity

Latest release combines in-place search and AI active learning with progress estimates, empowering organizations with best-in-class capabilities to streamline their entire eDiscovery process.

April 21, 2021 – TEMPE, Ariz.—On the heels of announcing a new brand identity, IPRO has released a new version of its eDiscovery Enterprise software with powerful enhancements that deliver on its mission of thinking upstream and offering insights across the entire EDRM spectrum.

IPRO offers these new capabilities at a crucial time as collaboration and chat tools have created an explosion of data that legal professionals now must include in their eDiscovery processes. The eDiscovery Enterprise solution now offers a more robust platform for law firms, service providers, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to better collaborate and transform their data collection, analysis, and review process.

By using Live EDA, organizations can collaborate, assess, and collect only what they need, then promote just the potentially relevant information for further review. This upstream process limits the number of data handoffs as well as the amount of data that has to be processed, hosted, and passed around externally.

Live EDA gives organizations the ability to search across all their common cloud solutions, including Microsoft Office, Teams, Google Suite, OneDrive, SharePoint, Slack, etc., as well on-prem file shares and email systems through a single pane of glass to locate the data they need. They can then collect that information via a single pull across all repositories, drastically reducing the time, costs, risk, and complexity associated with traditional data collection methods.

IPRO also now provides AI capabilities to automatically identify sensitive information (PII/PHI/PCI) prior to collection, which drastically reduces the amount of time spent during document review. Active Learning for Review provides organizations with higher quality and faster predictions on the number of documents left to review to help them ensure eDiscovery deadlines are met on time. In addition, Active Learning can be used in the background to provide comparison insights against traditional document reviews.

The new release also provides additional functionality that increases Search and Review insights, usability, major processing performance improvements and overall value for all users.

According to the 2021 Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions, Gartner recommends infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for legal and compliance data infrastructure should improve visibility of discoverable data in workstream collaboration services by prioritizing e-discovery solutions that capture and present the full fidelity of the data.

“Our goal is to help legal teams collaborate and get to evidence faster. By being able to search data in-place, they can perform investigations, understand their data, better respond to requests, and minimize the amount of documents earlier in the eDiscovery process,” said Frederic Bourget, Vice President of Product at IPRO. “In addition, with the integration of our AI Active Learning, customers are able to be more accurate and reduce review times, making their overall process very intuitive and cost-effective.”

Check out this video to learn more about the new features within the latest eDiscovery Enterprise release.

Read the original release.

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