Federal IT Investments and the Cloud in FY 2020

According to the IT Dashboard, federal agencies expect to invest a combined $1.6 billion in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), $924 million in cloud software as a service (SaaS), and $9.9 billion in other managed services. The true figures are likely 15-20 percent higher, as $19 billion in national security-related IT projects are not reported to the dashboard.

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These IT Programs Are Moving to the Cloud in FYI 2020

Extract from an article by Chris Cornillie as published by Bloomberg Government

Federal agencies plan to move 272 information technology programs to the cloud in fiscal 2020, and are considering migrating more than 1,000 more, according to new data published to the government’s IT portfolio dashboard.

This information can help contractors and federal technology leaders anticipate cloud-related opportunities and risks over the next 18 months and plan accordingly.

Earlier this month, the Office of Management and Budget released new data to ITDashboard.gov that includes information on each program’s cloud status. In a field known as the Cloud Computing Alternatives Evaluation, agencies score their IT line items in terms of their applicability for current or future cloud migration. The scale is:

1. This investment or a portion of it is already leveraging cloud computing.
2. This investment will migrate or is in the process of migrating, to the cloud.
3. This investment is considering cloud migration.
4. Cloud computing has not been considered for this investment.
5. Cloud computing is not applicable for any part of the investment.
6. Cloud computing was considered, but not selected.

Cloud alternatives data was previously available for mission delivery and administrative support programs but was released only recently for IT infrastructure, IT management, and IT security programs, which account for about $32 billion of the $88 billion fiscal 2020 IT budget request.

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About ITDashboard.gov

The IT Dashboard was launched on June 1, 2009, which provided Federal agencies and the public with the ability to view details of Federal information technology (IT) investments online and to track their progress over time. The IT Dashboard displays data received from agency IT Portfolio and Business Case reports, including general information on over 7,000 Federal IT investments and detailed data for over 700 of those investments that agencies classify as “major.” Agency Chief Information Officers (CIO) are responsible for evaluating and updating select data on a regular basis, which is accomplished through interfaces provided by the IT Dashboard.

Learn more about the IT Dashboard at ITDashboard.gov.

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