Nuix Announces CEO and CFO Appointments

According to newly appointed Nuix CEO Jonathan Rubinsztein, “It is clear that the people of Nuix are world-class and passionate about what they do. I’m committed to strengthening what they have built and providing them the space to thrive as professionals and help fulfill our mission to deliver truth in a digital world.”

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Press Announcement (22 October 2021)

Nuix Announces CEO and CFO Appointments

Sydney, Australia – Global software company Nuix Limited (‘Nuix’ or ‘the Company’; ASX: NXL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jonathan Rubinsztein as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, and Mr. Chad Barton as permanent Chief Financial Officer after serving in that role on an interim basis.

Mr. Rubinsztein is a seasoned technology executive with a track record of leading dynamic organizations in international environments and driving strategic transformations to create shareholder value. He has recently announced he will be stepping down as the CEO of Infomedia, an ASX-listed company providing SaaS solutions to the global automotive industry.

His appointment follows the decision announced in June of Nuix CEO, Mr Rod Vawdrey, to retire from that role once the Company was able to complete a proper search and effect an orderly leadership transition.

Nuix Chair, Hon Jeff Bleich, said, “This is an important moment in Nuix’s history, and Jonathan possesses an ideal set of qualities to lead the organization into its next chapter. He brings a deep understanding of our requirements and opportunities, and a successful record of steering an ASX- listed entity through a period of transformation and growth.

“The Board was especially impressed with Jonathan’s strategic thinking, global viewpoint, tremendous energy and commitment to culture, and staying true to Nuix’s organizational mission. He displays a devotion to achieving standards that delight customers, and an acute awareness of the powerful role of the Nuix engine and the opportunities that come from this unique and world-leading technology.”

Mr. Vawdrey welcomed Jonathan as his successor. He will remain focused on continuing Nuix’s progress and overseeing a successful handover. Mr. Rubinsztein will commence officially in the role in late January 2022 and prior to this time will be available to consult to Nuix as part of the transition.

Mr. Rubinsztein said, “There are few Australian-born technology companies that have achieved the kind of global leadership that Nuix has in its target markets. Certainly, it has faced some challenges in its early life as a listed entity, yet the potential and promise of the business remains enormous.”

“It is clear that the people of Nuix are world-class and passionate about what they do. I’m committed to strengthening what they have built and providing them the space to thrive as professionals and help fulfill our mission to deliver truth in a digital world.”

The Board of Nuix has agreed to permit Mr. Rubinsztein to take up an intended non-executive director role for a smaller company in the technology services sector should it’s planned IPO occur later this year. Mr. Rubinsztein has undertaken that the obligations of this role will not compromise his ability to perform his duties as CEO.

Mr. Chad Barton, currently interim Chief Financial Officer, has also accepted his position on a permanent basis. An accomplished and highly experienced listed company executive, Mr. Barton has played a pivotal role since joining Nuix.

Mr. Bleich added, “Chad has been an outstanding addition to the Nuix team, and we are delighted to have him join in this permanent role. The Board could not be more grateful for Chad’s leadership and tireless efforts since he joined us, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with him. ”These executive appointments follow the recent additions to the Board of Ms. Jackie Korhonen and Mr. Rob Mactier as independent directors. Mr. Bleich commented, “these seasoned business leaders have already demonstrated their wisdom and reach, and better position Nuix to capture the significant opportunities that exist for its world-class products.”

Jonathan Rubinsztein Biography

Jonathan is a seasoned CEO with a track record of building world-class global technology companies and leading high-performance teams in the technology sector. Previously, Jonathon was Managing Director and CEO of Infomedia, Ltd, an ASX-listed SaaS company. Prior to that role, Jonathon was CEO and founding shareholder at UXC Red Rock Consulting, where he was instrumental in growing the business from a start-up to over 700 people across 13 offices in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore. Jonathan was also a Founder and Director of RockSolid SQL, a company that built monitoring and automated data management software for over 18,000 databases globally.

Chad Barton Biography

Chad is a highly regarded Chief Financial Officer with significant experience in transformations and turnarounds and global technology companies. He was most recently the CFO of The Star Entertainment Group, a position he held for more than five years. Prior to that role, Chad was CFO of Salmat Limited and CFO of the Australian and New Zealand business of Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Chad is also Non-Executive Director of SkyCity Entertainment Group, a member of the Institute of Company Directors, and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

This announcement is authorized by the Board of Nuix.

About Nuix

Nuix Limited is a leading provider of investigative analytics and intelligence software, with the vision of “finding truth in a digital world”. Nuix helps customers to process, normalize, index, enrich and analyze data from a multitude of different sources, solving many of their complex data challenges. The Nuix platform supports a range of use cases, including criminal investigations, financial crime, litigation support, employee and insider investigations, legal eDiscovery, data protection and privacy, and data governance and regulatory compliance. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Nuix licenses its software to more than 1,000 customers across 79 countries in North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. For further information, please visit

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Complete Announcement: Nuix Appoints New CEO and CFO – Including Summary of Key Terms of Employment (PDF) – Mouseover to Scroll

Nuix Appoints New CEO and CFO - 102221

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