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TCDI Receives Private Equity Investment from Trivest Partners

“We are excited to partner with TCDI and Bill Johnson to accelerate TCDI’s solid foundation and impressive track record of innovation and client retention. Trivest will assist the leadership team with an aggressive but thoughtful add-on acquisition program aimed at increasing the Company’s size, scale, presence, and capabilities in the coming years,” shared Jamie Elias, Partner at Trivest.

A Model for Interoperability? Open Cybersecurity Alliance Unveils First Open Source Language to Connect Security Tools

Governed under the auspices of OASIS, which offers projects a path to standardization and de jure approval for reference in international policy and procurement, the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) has announced the availability of the first open-source language for connecting cybersecurity tools through a common messaging framework, OpenDXL Ontology. Given the challenges of interoperability in the field of eDiscovery, data discovery and legal discovery professionals may benefit from this example of coordination, collaboration, and standardization.

The Workstream of eDiscovery: Considering Processes and Tasks

The eDiscovery Processes and Tasks listing may be helpful in planning and consummating business and technology engagements related to the discipline of eDiscovery. The processes and tasks highlighted in the listing are not all-inclusive and represent only one of the myriads of approaches to eDiscovery.

[Legal Education Webcast] Gotcha! How Things Can Go Wrong in eDiscovery Projects and How to Fix Them

In this expert-led presentation, eDiscovery and legal document review authorities will present practical solutions to help legal, IT, and business professionals avoid “gotchas” through reliable project management approaches and creative issue resolution methods. Using a combination of real-world case studies and examples, presenters will share workable solutions to help prevent eDiscovery issues.

What is Kratt? A Vision and Concept for Artificial Intelligence in Estonia

Published today on Independence Day in Estonia, the vision and concept paper “#KrattAI: The Next Stage of Digital Public Services in #eEstonia” highlights one country’s practical vision for how public services should digitally work in the age of artificial intelligence. Released by the Republic of Estonia GCIO Office and authored by the Government CIO, CDO, and CTO, the paper presents commentary and considerations for the problems, business challenges, and technological challenges involved integrating AI into public services. The vision and concepts shared may be useful for data discovery and legal discovery professionals as they consider plans, projects, and programs relating to the practical application of AI in their infrastructures and offerings.

Excellence, Trust, and Artificial Intelligence: A European Approach

Recently published by the European Commission, the white paper “On Artificial Intelligence – A European Approach to Excellence and Trust” presents a human-centric approach to the development of AI that is worth reading and reflection by data discovery and legal discovery professionals as they consider legal, ethical, and commercialization issues and opportunities relating to AI.

How Many Second Requests? Adding Context to eDiscovery Provider Claims of Experience and Expertise

Taken from Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) reports and data sets, the numbers represented in the following charts highlight metrics that may be useful for law firms, legal departments, and legal services providers seeking to understand the annual pulse rate of Hart-Scott-Rodino Act mandated merger transaction reviews and Second Requests. The charts may also be useful for considering the claims of eDiscovery providers regarding their expertise and experience in supporting Second Requests.

Kenyon Group Advises Information Governance Solutions on its Sale to Access

“The IGS acquisition, together with our prior acquisition of Montaña & Associates, brings world-class solutions and services to Access clients for electronic and physical information management and compliance,” said Rob Alston, Chief Executive Officer of Access. “Information governance advisory services and software are crucial to data security and risk reduction in the entire information management lifecycle-from document management to secure record destruction.”

Five Great Reads on Data Discovery and Legal Discovery for February 2020

From cyber operations to pricing data points on eDiscovery, the February 2020 edition of the Five Great Reads on Data Discovery and Legal Discovery newsletter provides a selection of recent and relevant articles and research shared to update legal, information technology, and business professionals on the art and science of eDiscovery.

Three Rules-of-Thumb: FTC Highlights New HSR Thresholds

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced the new HSR thresholds, which will become effective on February 27, 2020. As shared directly by the FTC, the following three rules-of-thumb should help parties determine the relevant thresholds and any resulting reporting obligations that apply based on when the filing is made, when the transaction closes, and when the thresholds adjust.