A Short List of eDiscovery Investors

Provided is a short list of 50+ investment organizations that have funded eDiscovery-related companies between 2009 and today. The list is non-comprehensive and is based on industry mergers, acquisitions and investment tracking by ComplexDiscovery.

Provided below is a short list of 50+ investment organizations that have funded eDiscovery-related companies between 2009 and today.  The list is non-comprehensive and is based on industry mergers, acquisitions and investment tracking by ComplexDiscovery.

A Short List of eDiscovery Investors

OrganizationWebsite URLExample Investment
Alta Equity Partnershttp://www.altaequitypartners.com/Zovy
Arbor Ridge Partnershttp://www.arborridgepartners.com/Xact Data Discovery
Andreessen Horowitzhttp://www.a16z.com/Everlaw
Azalea Capitalhttp://www.azaleacapital.com/Modus
Bayside Capital (H.I.G Capital)http://bayside.com/DiscoverReady
BC Capitalhttp://www.bcpartners.com/Brainspace
Bessemer Venture Partnershttp://www.bvp.com/CS Disco
Blue Cloud Ventureshttp://www.bluecloudventures.com/Druva
Bridge Investmentshttp://www.bridgeinvestments.com/Esquify
Canaan Partnershttp://www.canaan.com/UnitedLex
Capital Pacific Advisorshttp://www.colpacadvisors.com/Lighthouse eDiscovery
Capital Southwest Corporationhttp://www.capitalsouthwest.com/Driven, Inc.
CapStar Bank https://capstarbank.com Modus
Carlyle Grouphttps://www.carlyle.com/Veritas
Chicago Ventureshttp://chicagoventures.com/Heretik
CIT Bank North Americahttps://www.cit.com/index.aspxLighthouse eDiscovery
Clearlake Capital Grouphttp://www.clearlakecapital.com/Inventus
Clearview Capitalhttp://clearviewcap.com/index.htmXact Data Discovery
Comerica Bankhttp://www.comerica.comCS Disco
Corazon Capitalhttp://www.corazoncap.com/about.htmlHeretik
Dundee Venture Capitalhttp://dundeeventurecapital.com/NexLP
FirstMark Capitalhttps://firstmarkcap.com/Text IQ
Foley Ventureshttp://www.foleyventures.com/Esquify
Fraser Mackenzie Merchant Capitalhttp://fmmc.ca/iCONECT
Frontier Investment Bankinghttp://frontieribc.com/Iris Data Services
FTV Capitalhttp://www.ftvcapital.com/Catalyst
Gallant Capital Partnershttp://www.gallantcapital.com/Reveal Data
Georgian Partnershttps://georgianpartners.com/DISCO
Gibralter Business Capitalhttp://www.shamrockcap.com/Omnivere
GI Partnershttps://www.gipartners.com/Consilio
Golub Capitalhttp://golubcapital.com/Actiance
Harbert Management Corporationhttp://www.harbert.net/Modus
Harvest Partnershttp://www.harvestpartners.com/DTI
Helion Venture Partnershttp://www.helionvc.com/UnitedLex
Hercules Capitalhttp://www.htgc.com/Druva
HGGChttp://www.hggc.com/RPX Corporation (Inventus)
Israel Growth Partnershttps://www.igpcapital.com/Cellebrite
JLL Partnershttps://www.jllpartners.com/Xact Data Discovery
JumpStart Inc.https://www.jumpstartinc.org/#1Heureka Software
Iconiq Capitalhttp://www.iconiqcapital.com/kCura
K1 Investment Managementhttp://k1capital.com/Zapproved
K9 Ventureshttp://www.k9ventures.com/Everlaw
Kayne Capitalhttps://kaynecapital.com/growth-equity/Elevate
Knox Capitalhttp://www.knox-cap.com/HaystackID
Leeds Equity Capitalhttp://www.leedsequity.com/Exterro
Lightyear Captialhttp://www.lycap.com/Lighthouse
LiveOak Venture Partnershttp://liveoakvp.com/CS Disco
Macquarie Capital Grouphttp://www.macquarie.com/NUIX
Medina Capitalhttp://medinacapital.com/PureDiscovery
Maranon Capitalhttp://www.maranoncapital.com/HaystackID
Method Capitalhttp://method.capital/NexLP
Milestone Partnershttp://www.milestonepartners.com/Black Letter Discovery
Mobeushttps://www.mobeus.co.uk/Active Navigation
Monumental Venture Partnershttp://bit.ly/Monumental-Venture-PartnersEverlaw
NAC VenturesEverlaw
NCT Ventureshttp://www.nctventures.com/Heureka Software
NEA (New Enterprise Associates)http://www.nea.com/Logikcull
Network Ventureshttp://www.networkventures.vc/Esquify
New Mountain Capital Grouphttp://www.newmountaincapital.com/Stroz Friedberg
NewField Capital Partnershttp://www.newfieldcap.com/iCONECT
NewQuest Capital Partnershttp://www.nqcap.comIntegreon
Nexus Venture Partnershttp://www.nexusvp.com/Druva
Nova Partners, LLCeDepoze
NTT Financehttp://www.ntt-finance.co.jp/eng/Druva
OMERS Private Equityhttp://www.omerspe.com/DTI
OpenView Ventureshttp://openviewpartners.com/Logikcull
ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equityhttps://www.orix.com/capital-solution/mezzanine-and-private-equity/HaystackID
ParkerGale Capitalhttp://www.parkergale.com/Ipro
Peak Rock Capitalhttp://www.peakrockcapital/CloudNine
Revolution Growthhttp://www.revolution.com/LDiscovery
SAP Ventureshttp://sapphireventures.com/Recommind
Sahajanand Grouphttp://sahajgroup.com/Infinnium
Sequoia Capitalhttps://www.sequoiacap.comClearwell Systems
Shamrock Capital Advisorahttp://www.shamrockcap.com/Consillio
Sierra Ventureshttps://www.sierraventures.com/Text IQ
Signet LLChttps://www.signetllc.com/eTERA, HaystackID
Silicon Valley Bankhttp://www.svb.com/AccessData
Silver Oak Services Partnershttps://silveroaksp.com/Innovative Discovery
Siris Capitalhttp://www.siriscapital.com/AppliedDiscovery
Sorensen Capitalhttp://www.sorensoncapital.com/AccessData
Spire Capitalhttps://www.spirecapital.com/Lighthouse eDiscovery
Storm Ventureshttp://www.stormventures.com/Logikcull
TCF Capital Fundinghttps://www.tcfbank.com/commercial/lending/capital-fundingHaystackID
Tenaya Capitalhttp://www.tenayacapital.com/Druva
The Stephens Grouphttp://www.stephensgroup.comCS Disco
Trinity Hunthttp://www.trinityhunt.com/Equivalent Data
Trivest Partnershttp://www.trivest.com/Advanced Discovery
ULU Ventureshttp://www.uluventures.com/Everlaw
Vista Equity Partnershttp://www.vistaequitypartners.com/Zapproved
Westview Capital Partnershttp://www.wvcapital.com/LDiscovery

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Last Updated: March 21, 2017

Source: Public Domain


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