On-Demand Legal Education: Key eDiscovery Case Law Review for First Half of 2017

The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior. Nowhere is that truer than with legal precedents set by past case law decisions, especially when it relates to eDiscovery best practices. This CLE-approved* webcast session will cover key case law covered by the eDiscovery Daily Blog during the first half of 2017.

On-Demand Legal Education: How SaaS Automation Has Revolutionized eDiscovery for Solo and Small Firms

Until recently, state of the art eDiscovery technology was only available to the largest law firms and corporations. Smaller firms and organizations were essentially priced out of the market and couldn’t afford the solutions that could be used by the “big boys” to manage their discovery workloads. Times have changed – thanks to cloud-based, software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) automated solutions that have made full-featured eDiscovery solutions affordable for even small and solo firms. This webcast will discuss how SaaS automation technology has revolutionized eDiscovery for solo and small firms today.

On-Demand Legal Education: What Attorneys Need to Know About Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in 2017

You’ve heard the horror stories. Data breaches are happening within organizations at an alarming rate, and sensitive data is being compromised regularly. As an attorney, what can you do to protect yourself, your firm and your client from becoming a victim? And, what do you need to do to keep up with ever-changing requirements for data security, both within the US and internationally? This webcast will discuss what you need to know today about cybersecurity and data privacy to protect the sensitive data that your organization manages every day.

On-Demand Legal Education: Key eDiscovery Trends and Case Law for 2017

2016 was an important year in eDiscovery. Did you catch all of the important events and developments that occurred over the course of the year? If you didn’t, here is your chance to catch up! This webcast will cover key events, trends, and developments that occurred over the course of last year and how they impact those in the eDiscovery community.

On-Demand Continuing Legal Education: Best Practices for eDiscovery Searching

Best Practices for eDiscovery Searching: A Continuing Legal Education (CLE) On-Demand Presentation (1.0 Hour) prepared and presented by CloudNine. This CLE-approved webcast session will cover goals for effective searching, what to consider prior to collecting ESI that will be subject to search, mechanisms for culling prior to searching, mechanisms for improving search recall and precision, challenges to effective searching and recommended best practices for searching and validating your search results to ensure effective search results.

An Educational Update: Technology Assisted Review Course from Ralph Losey (e-Discovery Team)

This is the e-Discovery Team’s training course on how to do TAR (Technology Assisted Review). What TAR really means is electronic document review enhanced by active machine learning, a type of specialized Artificial Intelligence. Our method of AI-enhanced document review is called Hybrid Multimodal IST Predictive Coding 4.0. The Course is composed of sixteen classes.

On-Demand Continuing Legal Education: What Every Attorney Should Know About eDiscovery in 2017

What Every Attorney Should Know About eDiscovery in 2017: A Continuing Legal Education (CLE) On-Demand Presentation (1.0 Hour) prepared and presented by CloudNine. This webcast session will cover key terms, rules, duties, and case law to give you the tools and resources necessary to efficiently and effectively meet the challenging discovery obligations that attorneys will face in 2017.

An Educational Update: eDiscovery Education Center (Arkfeld)

The eDiscovery Education Center is owned by Arkfeld Professional Education, LLC (APE), and provides cost-effective learning resources to help eDiscovery professionals handle legal and practical issues in their practice area competently and ethically.