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Vendor Name: Data Narro

Key Contacts:

Kristian Lars Larsen
Phone: 262-393-1713

Address: 320 E. Buffalo St. Suite 605, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Company Website:

Company Description:
Data Narro is a digital forensics and eDiscovery consulting firm based in the U.S., serving clients in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and the Upper Midwest. They assist in preserving, collecting, and searching electronically stored information for legal investigations and support, as well as advising on eDiscovery practices.

Data Narro’s services encompass digital forensics and eDiscovery, including ESI collection, digital forensic imaging and analysis, ESI processing and searching, eDiscovery review platform hosting, production of ESI for litigation, expert witness testimony, educational classes on digital forensics & eDiscovery, and consulting on eDiscovery practices and processes.

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