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Vendor Name: TCDI (US)

Key Contacts:

Elizabeth Wagoner
Phone: +1 336-655-9959

Address: 4508 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro, North Carolina 27407

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Company Description:
TCDI has developed the ClarVergence® Suite, consisting of CVLynx®, CVFox®, and CVOnyx®, catering to eDiscovery needs across various scales of litigation. These platforms are designed to be scalable, supporting both large and small cases with a focus on customization, continuous improvement, and risk reduction.


  • CVLynx®: Aims at large-scale, complex litigation, offering a customizable, secure web-based environment for collaboration.
  • CVFox®: A simplified SaaS solution for smaller cases, combining data processing, early case assessment, review, and production.
  • CVOnyx®: Acts as the backend processing platform, performing culling, processing, and data preparation for CVLynx and CVFox.

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