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Vendor Inclusion Request

Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide serves as a comprehensive resource for professionals in the fields of cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. Inclusion in this guide offers vendors a valuable opportunity to showcase their solutions and software to a targeted audience. The guide is particularly important as it helps professionals make informed decisions when selecting eDisclosure solutions. There is no charge for inclusion; however, vendors are required to submit specific information to be considered.

Three Ways for Inclusion #

Complete and Forward the Vendor Submission Form #

  • To initiate the submission process, vendors are required to complete a Vendor Submission Form. This form is available in Microsoft Word Template format and can be downloaded from the guide’s website.
  • Once completed, the form should be forwarded directly to
  • Next Steps: Upon submission, vendors will be contacted by the eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide editorial team for confirmation and any follow-up instructions.

Provide a PDF Brochure of Offerings with Contact Information #

  • Vendors have the option to submit a PDF brochure that outlines their offerings along with relevant contact information.
  • The PDF brochure should be forwarded directly to
  • Next Steps: The editorial team will review the brochure and contact the vendor for any additional information or clarification.

Contact the ComplexDiscovery Editorial Team for Submission Coordination #

  • If vendors have specific questions or additional requests, they can directly contact the ComplexDiscovery Editorial Team using the Editorial Team Contact Form available on the website.
  • Next Steps: The editorial team will provide guidance on how to proceed with the submission process.

Inclusion in Andrew Haslam’s eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide offers a significant opportunity for vendors to gain visibility and credibility within the cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery communities. By following one of the three outlined methods, vendors can initiate the submission process and take a step closer to being featured in this valuable resource.

Vendor Submission Form (PDF Depiction) #

Example Vendor Brochure (L2 Services) #

L2 Services – Concise Offering Overview – 080423

Source: eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide

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