Breakwater Solutions (Including StoredIQ)

Vendor Name: Breakwater (US)

Key Contacts:

Rajitha Boer, Managing Director
Number: +41 7897 52999

Address: 10412 Peonia Court, Austin, TX 78733, USA

Company Website:

Company Description:
Founded in 2020, Breakwater combines technology from IBM with consulting leadership from Ankura and Navigant. The company serves over 225 customers globally, including more than 90 in EMEA. Breakwater assists in mitigating risk and gaining insights from information by blending technology, automation, and human expertise in areas like information governance, disputes and investigations, regulatory compliance, privacy, and cybersecurity.

Breakwater’s offerings include StoredIQ for Information Governance™, StoredIQ for Legal™, StoredIQ InstaScan™, Atlas Policy Management™, Atlas eDiscovery Process Management™, and eDiscovery Manager. They provide consulting in Information Governance, Litigation & Disputes, Investigations & Regulatory Response, Cybersecurity Privacy & Data Risk, and offer Managed Services. Their solutions address data management challenges relating to compliance, e-discovery, records management, storage optimization, data migration, and more.

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